All In   |  September 03, 2013

Click3: McCain caught playing poker during Syria hearing

Chris Hayes gives the Click3 picks for Tuesday: A trick shot group throws a basketball from 300 feet up and gets it in; Sen. John McCain gets caught playing poker on his iPhone during Senate hearing; and it's back to school in Russia.

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>>> apparently senator mitch mcconnell 's hoping no one has noticed his dismal record on women's rights because suddenly he's totally for them. despite years of being otherwise.

>>> and we'll debate whether we should go to war with sere wra. all that is ahead.

>>> first i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today. beginning with what may be the trick basketball shot of the summer. the group how ridiculous is an australian trick shot basketball team with a social conscience. according to the group's website, their goal is to inspire people to live selflessly, give generously and swro join us in the fight against child poverty. they upload their wicked shots to youtube. their latest effort, the netherlands, a tower 96 meters in the air. the equivalent of over three full-court shots away. counted. to be absolutely transparent, though there are multiple angles of the shot not look legit, #click3 has yet to authenticate the voracity of this video. it remains the 11 man banana hammock backyard jam. the second awesomest thing on the internet today takes us back to the senate hearings on the situation in syria. a most serious matter requiring careful consideration from the world's greatest deliberative body. the hearings, however, were kind of long testing the concentration skills of the most veteran members. behold the proof. that's the steady hand of john mccain playing poker on his phone. the senate's resident republican hawk was caught by intrepid " washington post " photographer. mccain defending his actions in a tw tweet, of course. "scandal, caught playing iphone game at three hour senate hearing. worst of all i lost." he's on the verge of getting the war in the middle east he's wanted for the last five years. third awesomest thing on the interpret today, the return to mother russia for back to school twofer. buzz feed links to what can only be described as truly bizarre video of what appears to be the russian military performing a drill shooting blanks at the opening of a moscow school . if you listen closely, you can hear romstein playing in the background during the display. dark and disturbing showing. outdone by russian president vladimir putin 's own bizarre display at a russian middle school classroom to commemorate back to school week. we'll let the folks at " russia today " describe what the russian president is drawing on the smartboard.

>> mr. putin wasn't just doing that, he was also busy giving an artist lesson on the day as well on how to draw a cat from behind.

>> how to draw a cat from behind.

>> am i hearing you right?

>> wyes, you are.

>> given a tour of a russian middle school , putin showed the young teens how to draw the back end of a kitty. this is the actual finished product. putin asked the class if anyone could identify his drawing. when no one responded he told them they were all going to jail. he told them it was a cat's backside before exit stage left. it's not terrible. if putin wants to work on the front ends of household pets, i know a guy in texas who can hook him up. find all the links for tonight's #click3 on our website, we'll be right back. ts