All In   |  September 13, 2013

Wall Street Journal seeks a "Mansion Reporter"

Five years after the financial crisis, the economy has recovered -- for those at the very top. So much so that the Wall Street Journal is hiring a Mansion Reporter. Chris Hayes explains what that job posting shows us about the current state of the economy.

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>>> five years ago this sunday, this was the cover, the economic record of "the wall street journal ." crisis on wall street as lehman totters and aig seeks to raise cash. this is a beginning of a wild ride some called the great recession and others more accurately called the freaking collapse of the global economy . five years later, take stock of how america responded to a financial disaster that cost trillions of dollars in household wealth. incomes, the top 1% of americans has grown more than 31%. for everyone else, not so much. for the top 1%, oh, boy, the fourth best year ever for those at the tippy top. so five years later, ultra rich doing really well, everybody else picking up scraps. a job posting on a career website for " wall street journal " mansion reporter. let that one sink in for a second. a mansion reporter. in addition to naming a reporter and feature of the job description points out past covers included a profile of a billionaire from kentucky and analysis of the market of the homes of college football coaches. so never fear those of you with journalism degrees who were worried about the dying market. you can report absolute gluttony while dreaming of a future your chosen career absolutely cannot provide. gawking is nothing new.

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>> on this episode --

>> how you doing, mtv?

>> i also love lifestyles of the rich and fame and they are bringing it back. i've got to tell you, i am in no way immune this type of entertainment. it's not unusual for me to sit in bed with my laptop and glass of wine clicking through slide shows looking at expensive homes i could never afford. i think this job posting tells us everything we need to know about this new guilded age we're living. the american economy is shaping up to be one with a small group of people who have a lot of money and the economy is powered by the hope that these people will hire enough yoga instructors and private cooks and drivers and whoever else they need to service their gigantic homes and the media companies will hire journalists specifically to write about those giant homes. all we have is a few rich people and a service industry to service them. so, happy fifth anniversary, financial collapse. may your champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true. [ female