All In   |  September 20, 2013

How Republicans might be helping Obamacare

Ezra Klein takes a look at the real reason Republicans don't want to let Obamacare implementation happen.

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>>> cold logic, a real reason behind the willingness some conservatives have to risk everything to stop obama care. but the logic isn't based on what you usually hear. it's not the notion that obama care will fail. after all, if the logic's going to be a total debacle, republicans would let it take effect. ride it out, come back, use their massive majorities to repeal it, but they don't want to do that. because the gop's fear is not that the law will fail. it's that the law will succeed. that once obama care starts delivering health insurance to millions of americans, it will become impossible to repeal. that's what's happened in every other country. it's what happened with medicare and medicaid and social security . it's why the right needs to sop it before it begins, but the irony of this strategy is that shutting down or defunding the federal government doesn't stop obama care. it might even help it. the nonpartisan research service put it bluntly saying quote, it appears that substantial limitation might continue during a lax in annual appropriations. there are a few reasons for this. first thing, if there is a shutdown, disruption in funding, it only hits one part money. it hits so-called discretionary money. that's the part of the budget decided on by congress. but obama care's main function , they're in the more permanent part. so, for example, the money for tax credits, that money's uneffective. it arrives on schedule. the state and federal exchange, they still operate. the mandate would still be in place. of the lost funding that's affected, it could be fielded by the obama administration moving money from these mandatory pots into these other pieces and the white house could argue that a lot of the crucial positions fall into the bucket of essential personnel who are protected during the shutdown. so, it wouldn't be ideal. implementation would move forward and it could get worse for republicans from there. obama care is first year, the it's just going to be full of glitches and hiccups and mistakes. things are going to go wrong. big things . that's just true for every big and complicated law. when john boehner was first made minority leader in 2006 , he was asked about the implementation of medicare part d , which he and his colleagues just passed. he said, quote, the implementation of the medicare plan has been horrendous. now, the expectation for obama care, republicans are going to be able to take advantage of the problems. they'll use them to argue the bill is terrible, ha americans need to elect them in midterms and maybe they'll win a few more seats because of it, but if it's happening during an extended government shutdown , republicans might well get blamed for the glitches as in the media. would it have gone more smoothly if the gop hadn't turned out the lights on the government that was supposed to be putting it in place. if the republicans get blamed for an annoying government shutdown , that might bump the gains in t midterms and more midterms in congress, means more protection for obama care going forward. it might mean republicans get blamed for some of the problems of implementation and it might mean the they did okay in the rollout. won't yield against obama care. might ultimately prove to be among the laws of