All In   |  October 01, 2013

Republicans face reality on shutdown day 1

Chris Hayes reports on day one of the U.S. government shutdown and the Republican reality of shutdown.

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>> rarely have i seen an ininstance where one party is so much more responsible, guilty, than the other.

>> so the stakes have really been raised in this now.

>> is there any grace saving way for republicans to back themselves out of the corner?

>> it's a mistake and it is hurting the republican party .

>> but we also want basic fairness for all americans under obama care.

>> what do you say for the workers, sir?

>> my favorite is identity daily news."

>> "the house of turds."

>> the president seized the bully pulpit to say once more we will not negotiate.

>> let me repeat, nobody gets to hurt our economy and millions of hard working families over a law you don't like.

>> as the president stands firm, republicans continue to turn on each other.

>> there's so much opposition to that policy, it's madness, going absolutely nowhere.

>> i think what we're going to do is play out the strategy that i would call that's kind of an oxymoron because it's really not a strategy.

>> with the gop in disarray, the right-wing media is working overtime to spin a government shutdown .

>> 800,000 federal workers furloughed, okay? most people won't know that.

>> this is a pinprick. it is not the end of the world .

>> people are probably going to realize they can live with a lot less government.

>> maybe i'm just one of the few people, i'm just not -- this doesn't impact me mentally. we've had 17 government shutdowns.

>> look at this.

>> that is such an appropriate headline. how do they get away with that?

>> inappropriate and accurate. it's just not accurate.

>> while fox news attempts to rebrand the shutdown, a slim down in some epic denialism. the real effects of the shut down are unfolding across america. an army poets in hunst in huntsville, alabama, people are stocking up on perishable.

>> everybody is shot be today trying to get as much as they can get because they don't know what's going to happen.

>> a furloughed employees in new york, virginia prepares to find new work.

>> it's devastating.

>> what's next for you?

>> make some money on the side, cut some grass, bartend, whatever.

>> reporter: and in the nation's capital today, as world war ii veterans stormed the barricade of the shuttered world war ii memorial , the republicans lawmakers who shut the town down tried to hold a press conference amidst the shouting protesters.

>> you guys are worthless!

>> an overwhelming 72% of americans are opposed to a government shutdown to block the implementation of obama care. we're watching in realtime the consequences of that shutdown playing out almost like everyone said they would.

>> it gives the president a bully pulpit and a gigantic stick on which to beat puus.

>> this is going to be a complete disaster.

>> if only october john boehner listened to march john boehner .

>> there's no reason to get into a debate about shutting down the government. it's just not a smart thing to do.