All In   |  October 03, 2013

GOP congressman berates Park Service worker

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-TX, is part of the caucus that is committed to keeping the government closed until their demands are met. So why is he berating a worker at the World War II Memorial over the shutdown? Chris Hayes says it's part of a larger Republican strategy.

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>>> this is congressman randy neugebauer , republican from texas. he says he's going to keep the government shut down for, quote, as long as it takes. but when it comes to the world war ii memorial , which is part of this as long as it takes shutdown, randy neugebauer decided to make a public show of berating a park services employee who has absolutely nothing to do with closing the government.

>> how do you look at them and say, how do you deny them access? i don't get that.

>> it's difficult.

>> well, it should be difficult.

>> it is difficult. i'm sorry, sir.

>> park services should be ashamed of themselves.

>> i'm not ashamed.