All In   |  October 08, 2013

Meet the GOP members burning down the House

In Chris Hayes' new feature we look at some of the 80 Republicans who are behind the government shutdown.  Charles Pierce, writer-at-large for Esquire magazine, joins Chris to talk about Congressman Ted Yoho, who actually said default would bring stability to world markets, and to look at the truly strange dynamic in Congress right now.

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>>> if you would like to know why the united states government is shut down right now, much of it lies in this letter on august 21 , republican mark meadows to speaker john boehner and house speaker eric cantor . demanding the house defund obama care as a condition of passing the continuing resolution . at the time this was nothing more than a ceremonial for instance comment. red state comment thread printed and put on pape. this is now, the governing blueprint. as we look through the signatories on this, it occurred to us that while some of these people are well known to you such as congresswoman michele bachmann , many are not but they should be. tonight we introduce our new segment, these are the people who are running our country, featuring the small click of rabid extremists. our inaugural member, ted yoho when it was reported that he said this about the country defaulting, i think we need to have that moment where we realize we are going broke. i think personally it would be stability to the world markets. i asked his republican colleague about it last night. your colleague congressman yoho who said that actually breaching the debt ceiling would bring stat to the markets.

>> who is ted yoho is a freshman republican congressman who pulled off an incredible victory in 2012 , vanquishing a 12-term incumbent. yoho won that primary by 829 votes with the backing of congresswoman michele bachmann and former congresswoman michelle west . yoho is a member of the florida veterinarian medical association and the florida association of ek equine practitioners.

>> career politics are like pigs feeding at the trauf. the career politicians have given us $16 trillion in debt. it's time for my leadership, i'll repeal obama care and balance the budget.

>> so you accept the fact that he was a born american?

>> no comment.

>> are you a birther then?

>> i'm not going to comment on it, chris.

>> yoho had previously said in a town hall meeting that he would consider co-sponsoring congressman -- yoho said this about the tanning bed tax in obama care.

>> i had an indian doctor in the office the other day, very dark skin, he started laughing and i said have you ever been to a tanning booth , he said, no, no need. i got taxed for the color of my skin.

>> like many in the tea party , yoho views himself as engaged in an epic struggle. it only takes one with passion, he said, look at rosa park, martin luther king , people with passion that speak up. they'll have people follow them because they believe the same way, smart leadership listens to that. joining me now is charles piece -- 113th congress about the reign of morons this year. charlie, you have been covering politics for longer than i have. and i think there's a temptation when someone covers politics to say this is the worst its ever been, these craven quirks who are running capitol hill , they are the worst. give us some historical perspecti perspective, is it as bad as it appears to me?

>> i don't go back to the 1850s , i can't speak for the precivil war era. but i'm old enough to remember what went on in the '60s and what went on when the first reagan class came in with larry pressler from south dakota and bob caston in wisconsin and that bunch. and they were pretty wild. but nothing compared to this. i mean you're talking some of the great live theater of all time now. and now what are we going to do? now what do we get? another supercommittee.

>> what it's remarkable to me is that there are characters in politic who is come kind of cable news fodder, michele bachmann is a perfect example. they don't have a lot of power. what is so incredible about this is that all the folks that we kind of delight in showing you crazy clips of who are in better times , i assume, i guess side shows are genuinely running the strategy and calling the shouss in the house republican caucus right now.

>> that's because there is no longer a republican establishment. i mean there's no gray eminence , there's no jim baker who's going to get everybody in a room and knock their heads together and tell them to knock it off. there is just a galaxy of the independent power bases, there's a galaxy of independent billionaires who will do with their money what they will do with their money and don't care what ryan or john boehner thinks about it. one of the problems is you have people who are not only insulated in safe districts but are empowered independently by these other centers of power who answerably to no one.

>> i'm glad you said that because -- he said look, people keep talking about jerry mandarin and we say it on the show and it gets said all day on cable news about how these are safe districts, but jerry mandarin's house seats aren't necessarily new. and they even exist on the democratic side. i grew up in chicago and new york, and believe me, no unever voted for congress who's running in a competitive election, so jerry mandarin can't be the thing that explains all that's going on.

>> i grew up all my life in massachusetts which is the home of the state of -- which is the commonwealth where was born the guy who gave jerry mannedering its name. there's more to it than that. there is what i think both oddly enough a fracturing and a strengthening of the republican party . fracturing in that there is no republican establishment anymore. but strengthening in their incredibly powerful centers of influence with a lot of money behind them that operate independently.

>> no one can even stop them from becoming the face of the party.

>> that's why i think all of these, and i'm sure that members of congress said what they said when the msnbc researchers batted their eyes at the members of congress. i don't think there's 20 people who will vote for a continuing resolution against the republicans. you are talking about people who will instantly become the tuti rhinos of all time.

>> the hell that will be released upon these people once they do that, and i'm also at the house republican caucus . i'm not seeing 20 of those. i'm lucky if i see three.