Andrea Mitchell   |  November 01, 2013

Witness:  People began running from center area of terminal

An eyewitness says there was an initial round of shots, a pause and then another round of shots at terminal three at Los Angeles International Airport.

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>> tom, are you joining us?

>> yes, i'm here.

>> tom, tell us what you saw, where you were when this took place?

>> i was in terminal 3 , virgin america terminal. you could hear shots. people started running from the center area of the terminal out towards where the gates would lead to the airplanes. there was an initial round of shots, then a pause, then some more shots. i think it was virgin america person who said to people running in the center area, go out, go out. go down the stairs leading to the tarmac. the whole terminal area i was at, gates 33, all went out the doors and down the steps to the tarmac area. there were literally hundreds of people that went out and stood underneath like that. then the buses from tom bradley terminal came over. after about 10 minutes or so passengers bored those buses and brought us over to tom bradley terminal. so we're all just sitting in the tom bradley terminal at gates 140 and 142 waiting.

>> so you heard the gunshots. were you able to get a clear look at the gunman?

>> no, i did not.

>> what are you thinking as you're hearing these shots? in this day and age following 9/11, all the security we have to go through to get onto a flight nowadays. we're worried about liquids and powders and all these things. you don't expect somebody to actually get through security with the gun. what was going enthusiastic your mind as the chaos was unfolding?

>> you heard gunshots. you know, if somebody wanted to storm through that area, i think it could happen. so i wasn't thinking somebody snuck a gun in, i was thinking somebody had a gun and was shooting it.