Ann Curry Reports   |  April 07, 2014

Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home? Part 6

Can anything be done to stop climate change? A recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said no one is immune from climate change’s effects and listed examples of what might be done to cope with the new normal.

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>>> hemoss visto los efectos de is there anything we can do to stop climate change all together?

>> can we slow down climate change ?

>> in the next 100 years, it's very tough to deal with the changes coming. on the longer time scale , we could have dramatic effects.

>> according to tom wagner and mo most scientists, we can slow down our carbon dioxide emissions . while still high, emissions are lower now than they were in 2005 . and power companies are beginning to experiment with cleaner energy sources , like this hybrid solar and natural gas power plant . the first of it's kind. the plant could reduce emissions by millions of tons in the next 30 years.

>> the earlier and the more significantly we take action, the less the possible risks are going forward.

>> climate change expert robert pielke jr. says it's bigger than any individual company or person.

>> so changing your lightbulb will not make that much difference?

>> it will not, the key is the big sources of energy.

>> the man who told us it was premature for climate change and extreme weather events say it's not premature for government led initiatives.

>> we need a commitment to energy innovation similar to what we have for the national institutes of health and to sustain it. unless that's on the table, we're nibbling around the edges of the problem.

>> he suggests putting a small tax on fossil fuels, a tax that consumers would end up paying.

>> it would raise tens of billions of dollars.

>> but he says none of this will work if it the united states acts in isolation. he says china needs to be part of the solution too. and jason box agrees. that a big effort is needed to protect future generations .

>> it's like putting a man on the moon, or going into world war two. these are things that americans rallied around and felt patriotic about.

>> are you equating what the world is facing with climate change to world war ii and putting a man on the moon?

>> yes, all hands on deck, we need everyone. in the meantime, he moved his young program from north america to denmark.

>> i thought heat waves don't really effect northwestern europe so much.

>> perhaps over here in the grass.

>> pedro and jen decided to take a government buy out and move away from their one-time dream home in staten island .

>> life doesn't stop for you. you mourn, and you don't forget, but you have to keep going.

>> tara is rationing every drop of water and lives in fear of the wildfire season.

>> i want to see my grandkids and everything grow up here and we don't know if we have that future.

>> tom wagner also thinks about his children and what climate change will mean for them.

>> it's hard, you know because i worry a lot about the decision to have kids, and the world and where it's going. at the end of the day , i am hopeful. i think some of the things we talk about we can deal with.

>> and some of the things is the face in the next generation.

>> what kind of career will you go into. working on alternative forms of energy, as an engineer or physicist, or being a policy person and trying to work out better ways for society to use their resources and deal with changes.

>> up in. the arctic, there is ghost settlements now as families abandon the ice that is disappearing around them. it's a fate that aqqaluk hopes we can avoid.

>> look at how beautiful it is. look at it.

>> and protect it.

>> protect it and take good care of it.

>>> it may seem like a distant concern while we're caught up in the business of our every day lives, but many of the world's best scientific minds say client change is here and they're asking how will we respond? .