Craig Melvin   |  October 19, 2013

A Colorado town forgotten

Glen Haven, Col., a town devastated by last month’s flooding, seems to have been forgotten. Tony Dokoupil reports on the recovery effort of this ghost town.

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>>> is still looking at the damage done in his state. we go to colorado. tony?

>> reporter: i'm in glenn haven, colorado, a town destroyed when floodwaters ripped through this state about a month ago. typically there would be hundreds of tourists walking around, townspeople enjoying themselves, caravans on the way to rocky mountain national park . the roads here are completely washed out, destroyed. there's no timetable for replacing those roads. and the people of glenn haven are starting to wonder if their town is the town that the recovery effort has forgotten. we met the husband and wife that own the glenn haven general store . for more than 100 years, a centerpiece of this town.

>> took a severe shot from several buildings crashing into it.

>> 28 years we had flood insurance . we dropped it thinking fire was our biggest danger.

>> water swept through the town and was followed closely by looters. with no sheriff and no national guard in sight, at this time, the people of glen haven are making sure it doesn't happen again.

>> we're all armed. most of us are armed. it's one thing to have a firearm in your home and be willing to use it to protect your home. in this case, it's everybody's home, it's our community we're trying to protect. if anything starts to happen, we'll have to take care of it and we will.

>> reporter: maybe the general store and the town hall and the inn can be rebuilt but i spoke to an economyist athe university of colorado , he said the lost of one tourist season can be crippling and lethal to a town like glen haven . craig?