Craig Melvin   |  November 02, 2013

Changes to 'stop-and-frisk' policy suspended

New York City Councilman and co-chair of the progressive council Brad Lander discusses the controversial "Stop and Frisk" law in NYC.

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>>> mayor of new york city is just three days away. one of the first issues awaiting him to be the city's controversial stop-and-frisk policy. the city is appealing a ruling that found it unconstitutional. the policy could be reinstated until the appeal is heard or the new mayor decides to take action. brad lander is a new york city councilman representing parts of brooklyn. you're opposed to the stop-and-frisk program. what do you make of that ruling this past week? it was certainly a setback for those who are against it.

>> it was a setback. let's start at the beginning. we all want safe communities but we can't keep our communities safe by profiling our neighbors based on their race. it violates their civil rights and it just doesn't work. that's unfortunately exactly what the bloomberg administration's been doing in ramping up stop-and-frisk. that's why the judge found the way the bloomberg administration has been abusing the tactic unconstitutional. so the second circuit's court delaying that decision, pushing off justice delayed is justice denied . the good news is new yorkers have spoken loud and clear. they did in the primary and i believe they're going to again on tuesday and we'll have a new mayor, bill de blasio who will bring change.

>> you expect him to win, as the polls do as well.

>> no one can take it for granted. but i'm optimistic.

>> he is against this program as well. what do you expect him to do with it?

>> a lot of what the judge put in as a remedy, ways the federal monitor could be appointed to help the nypd reform their practices, lapel cameras, looking at stops, making sure they have the proper training and moving toward a model of community policing that helps keep communities safe but does it without racial profiling .

>> so the bloomberg administration has said, yes, this is a program that works. this has helped to reduce crime. why do you think that that argument does not hold water?

>> there's no data. during the bloomberg administration, stops went from about 100,000 up to nearly 700,000 in 2011 . and yet shooting stayed about the same. guns taken from those stops stayed about the same. study after study shows just no correlation between the rampant increase in stop-and-frisk and any reductions in shooting or crime.

>> is there a happy medium between this policy and no policy?

>> well, you can do stop-and-frisk. the police have the constitutional right to do that based on a suspect description, based on reasonable suspicion of the officer that they're about to commit a crime or have just committed a crime. we're not saying don't ever use stop-and-frisk as a tactic but it can't be based on racial profiling and the number is too high.

>> brad lander, thank you so much.