Craig Melvin   |  November 17, 2013

Swath of storms hit Midwest

Jonathon Monken, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, talks about the severe weather moving across the Midwest and the damage in Illinois.

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>>> i do want to get back to that breaking news that we've been covering here. we continue to watch the severe weather racing across the midwest. joining me live on the telephone, director of the illinois emergency management in spring field. jonathan, first of all, what damage at this point are you aware of so far in illinois specifically in central illinois where we saw a tornado touchdown a short time ago?

>> absolutely. so we have a lot of issues happening. overall confirmed with the national weather service we have t ten independent touchdowns across the state, most significant hitting washington, illinois . there we had several dozen homes that were significantly damaged or destroyed completely. we do have confirmation of one fatality which is actually further southern illinois . so significant damage statewide. several communities are impacted. and really it cut a swathe through the state that was almost 200 miles long. so very, very significant.

>> i want to make sure i understand that correctly. you come confirm there have been ten tornadoes touchdown?

>> that's right, that's what we confirmed with the national weather service and the expectation is as we dig through the additional reports, likely that will increase.

>> one death. any word of injuries?

>> we definitely have injuries. we're still assessing the number and severity. but certainly we'll be in the double digits in terms of injuries. s .

>> we're hearing reports of spec taet tors sheltering in place at soldier field . what can you tell us about that?

>> soldier field is something we wanted to make sure we took care of right away because that's a they have sven concentration of people in a very exposed area.concentratio n of people in a very exposed area. so she gthey got the shelter in placed on. right now the game is scheduled to resume in about 15 to 20 minutes with the worst of the weather already passing through the chicagoland area and now moving either way into northwest indiana and western michigan .

>> what are conditions like right now, weather conditions like right now there on the ground?

>> right now the hard part is just trying to account for all the damage that we've seen because it's such a significantly widespread area. it's making it difficult to make sure we can getting a raes reports of the extent of damage and where the injuries are located and where folks need help. but the most significant was in the washington community. so we sent in two technical rescue teams for search and rescue . there are several more headed into that area to make sure they get the assistance that they need. and we do expect that tonight we will likely need to shelter some folks that have damaged or destroyed homes.

>> we'll let you get back to it. keep us up-to-date on the effort. but again, in illinois , one death so far, ten tornados confirmed in illinois . his words, we can expect injuries there to be j tin the double digits . we'll continue to monitor the situation. the swathe of storms continues to move east. the big story of course at this point, the wind we're told at some point upwards of 70 miles per hour. but we're looking at tens of millions of people affected in about ten states over the next few hours. we'll take a quick break. hi