Daily Rundown   |  December 27, 2010

Miller won't stand in way of certification

The Murkowski-Miller showdown is still unresolved, but late Sunday night, Joe Miller released a statement saying that he won't stand in the way of Murkowski being certified as the winner. NBC's Pete Williams reports.

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>>> to convene on january 5th but alaska still without a senator at least officially. the murkowski -miller showdown is still unresolved but late last night joe miller released a statement saying he won't stand in the way of murkowski being certified as winner but added he won't give up his legal fight. to help us understand this, what's that mean, pete?

>> it means he won't stand in the way but he won't stand in the way of a judge standing in the way. a federal judge has given him until 9:00 this morning alaska time to file new legal briefs if he wants to keep his challenge alive. the judge has blocked the state from certifying the winner. do so when miller launched his legal battle a week after the election. miller says he want to keep on fighting but so far his battle legally has been a loser. his federal lawsuit that is been on hold while he and election officials went to state court to seek a ruling on the meaning of the provision of alaska election law that says that a write-in vote must be counted if the name of the candidate is written as it appears on the candidate's declaration to run. miller has been arguing that the law requires voters to write a candidate's name precisely, no abbreviations or misspelling and he has challenged the state's interpretation of the law which allowed votes to be counted even if there were minor misspelgs. last week the alaska supreme court ruled unanimously in favor of the state saying the law does not require perfection in how a candidate's name is written. we'll know in 3 1/2 hours what joe miller intends to do now.

>> it is my understanding that murkowski leads by more than 10,000 votes. if you take into account all of miller's challenges as is. murkowski still leads by over 2000 . right?

>> that's right. 2,100-some extra votes.

>> pete williams , thanks so much.