Daily Rundown   |  May 02, 2011

Retaliation possible over bin Laden's death?

Terror analyst Roger Cressey and Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey discuss if and where Al-Qaida could retaliate for the death of Osama bin Laden.

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>> this morning the fbi updated its list of most wanted terrorists marking bin laden as deceased.

>> that's just great. grab that a moment. finally. but the threat remains and today cia director leon panetta warns al qaeda will try retaliate. let's talk about this. we're joined by msnbc military analyst and former white house counterterrorism official and specialist and msnbc terror specialist. roger let me start with you. the idea of a retaliation has been something on the front of all of our mind on this side of the camera. i'm sure it's something you've been monitoring and thinking about how serious is this threat in the next couple of weeks?

>> yeah, chuck. this is the number one priority of the counterterrorism community right now. i don't think al qaeda had a contingency plan for a series of attacks in the event bin laden was killed. i think there are two real possibilitys. the first is individuals who had no direct affiliation took matters into their hands and launch an attack. middle east and southeast asia . pakistan and yemen in particular. what director panetta was guesting at al qaeda 's central organization to the extent they have an operational capability will try to put together a plot that will launch to avenge bin laden 's death. that's a mid to long term concern. the good news is we won't take our foot off the accelerator against al qaeda . we'll continue to pound them. that's the good news even as we celebrate all we have about bin laden 's demise.

>> general, i have to ask you as you learn more about how this operation went down from this joint special operation command, i assume you have a target. you believe osama bin laden is hiding in this compound. there are array of ways to effect this kill. what can we learn about looking at how this went down? how the united states chose to execute this operation? i mean, it's not a situation where they decided to have a drone drop a bomb. instead, you had an incredibly daring operation by special forces . what do you make of it?

>> well, unsurprising but stunning. the human material, these tier one special operations units which include seal team six, u.s. army delta foorks ranger regiment, a specialized air force units , the experience is just unbelievable. many of these units have condubbedconduc conducted hundreds of raids. they are the best in the world. i'm sure there was a full scale mock up of this compound somewhere where they walked through this operation. but, again, you know, it's a small number of people out at the end of their tether. this operation came out of pakistan. i would be surprised if it didn't involve air to air refueling of these helicopters and then they had table to respond to emergencies on the ground which they did. by the way, i would assume that helicopter was actually hit by ground fire and that caused it to crash. they needed to land anyway to extract their people at the end of the operation.

>> roger, physical evidence , visual evidence of bin laden 's death, a lot of people say it is needed for some parts of the middle east , that they need to see this so that conspiracy theorys don't pop up. how do you understand the u.s. government will go about proving death?

>> well, chuck, you're absolutely right. we have to have visual evidence. word-of-mouth and the word of the administration is not good enough because we're trying to influence part of the islamic world to under that he's truly dead. what you're seeing now is an internal deliberation at the white house and pentagon and elsewhere over what type of photographs do they release. do they release any individual offhis body, anything like that. there will be some video evidence that does come out. we need to see it, not only the american people but the islamic world in general. we want proof of death here. proof of death is to support our narrative of how we'll go forward.

>> if they do release the to it will be a gruesome one. bin laden was shot in the left eye. thank you to you both for your expertise. i want