Daily Rundown   |  May 06, 2013

Is Congressional gridlock hurting the government?

Former Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., and former Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., discuss the indecision among Congressional members on various issues. They also discuss the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial race.

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>>> unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incest a suspectly warn of government as nothing more than a separate, sinister entity at the root of all our problems. you should rexbrekt these voices because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted.

>> that was president obama delivering the commencement address at ohio state university , excuse me, the ohio state university on sunday, making a stage for an activist government and pushing back against what he vase cynics just trying to gum up the works. tom perriello served as a democratic congressman from virginia . tom davis served a as virginia republican congressman and chairman of the nrcc. before i force you guys to talk about the virginia governor 's race, tom perriello , i have been intrigued watching president obama the past five or six years at how little he actually does defend his ideology. he does it -- this is the first time, just came up -- did it at a commencement address in university of michigan , 2009 , did it yesterday, did it the second inaugural, he doesn't go out there defending government as passionately he's does in these commencements. do you wish he did it more?

>> i think is a difference between means and ends. i think what he is really focused on is the issues of social mobility of the american dream and the extent that government is one of the things that help pros moat that when you are at the university, you look at student dealt now and whether higher edge discrimination affordable. that is one of the concrete examples many people experience that bit of a boost being the difference whether you might be able to afford higher education or not, which also makes our country more competitive. i think the president does a great job of making the case for middle class economic and social mobility and the fact that the government can be one portion of that.

>> you know, tom davis , it is interesting, i remember asking others about when he was giving speeches like this surprised he doesn't do it more, they say, he wants to, adviser ares think it's bad politics.

>> i think it probably s you know, you look at the market segmentation , different groups and the way they communicate with different groups that message all over, whether it's student loans , whether it's the safety net to groups that you benefit from that he just doesn't do it kind of in the aggregate out loud to everybody, pretty good at segmenting that.

>> you people are watching, as intrigued observers and to say that a lot of people like myself think this is a race between two supposedly flawed candidates in ken cue. nelly, the republican, terry mcauliffe , the democrat. tom perriello , you are somebody the democrats wanted to challenge in the primary, you chose not to run. you getting a lot of phone calls in the past week?

>> you always get a lot of phone calls . what this comes down to for the commonwealth, sprem issues with terry, they may have personality, which cue. nellicallily, the issue is policy. when people go to the polls, they will be interested in what is good for themselves and their families, the extreme policies that ken cuccinelli promoted, not good for women in the state noirkt good for competitiveness, you look at the transportation bill , i think that is the most important thing what is the impact on voters, i think that is going to play well for mcauliffe .

>> tom davis , interesting lipstick on a big attempt there, personality versus policy, that is what mcall live is trying to bank on.

>> republican base is motivated. virginia is counter cyclical state you voted for the party opposite the president nine times of. the polls show that is where the people are today. this is a take away for the democrats, they have to change that. so far, i think it's advantage cuccinelli.

>> why is it, tom perriello , you think terry is underperforming so much, so much of the obama coalition? it's all over the place, 20, 30, 40 points in some of these instances?

>> i think the early polls are not telling us a whole lot, most people haven't tuned into the race, i think you're going to see this week, terry mcall live is launching a series of events across the state, talking about his jobs, transportation, virginia 's competitiveness, more and more virginians tune in outside a conservative base following ken cuccinelli for a long time as kind of their hero i think, as more people tune energy the average independent sfloert virginia do well.

>> your elections about motivation and basis and you need a political basis to win.

>> at this point, mcauliffe has to invent his base or try to get the obama base together. right now, they are asleep.

>> we just flashed a poll, 45% satisfied with the field, 45% not satisfied. the lieutenant governor, bill bowling, debated running as an independent, he still has time to get in. tom davis , do you think he is having second thoughts?

>> well, i don't know about second thoughts but the difficulty is you have a candidate with a hard base in the republican party that's gonna stay loyal to him no matter what you have to take more votes away from the democrats in this environment.

>> think a three-way plays this this case benefits cuccinelli?

>> a base over a third no matter what.

>> tom perriello .

>> bill bowling consistently quite conservative, more moderate by temperament but not someone like tom davis , really appealed across the aisle in a lot more ways. i think the issue of whether someone else is going to come in is unlikely. i think what you're going to see is as more people get to know what mcauliffe stands for, what is going to make virginia more competitive this thing is going to swing in that direction. yet who can get the voters out.

>> you look at independents that have won governorships, maine, rhode island , places like that, one party's candidate collapses.

>> not an even split here.

>> correct.

>> that would --

>> target to june.

>> bowling has until june.

>> also fights over immigration and other things nationally that could end up coming in and play the virginia race r

>> we will see.

>> tom per yellow, tom davis ,