Daily Rundown   |  June 13, 2013

Manchin targeted in NRA ad

The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd takes a look at the ongoing debate surrounding gun control, specifically the relationship between Sen. Joe Manchin and the NRA.

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>>> tomorrow is the six month anniversary of the new town shooting. though the gun issue has been somewhat dormant, there are sign, it's time to get ready for round two of this heated political debate. the newtown families are on the hill today. they'll be holding a news conference with democratic leaders. they'll be meeting with the republican leaders of the house. according to the new york tooiptooip "times," the white house is quietly moving forward on the issues. the president's post man on the issue, vice president biden, will deliver a speech on guns next week. yesterday, newtown families met with west virginia senator joe manchin . the nra has a new ad that slams manchin for pushing that background check compromise a few months ago.

>> remember this tv ad ?

>> i'm joe manchin . i approve this ad. because i'll always defend west virginia .

>> as your senator, i'll protect our second amendment rights.

>> that was joe manchin 's commitment. now manchin is working with president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg . concerned? you should be.

>> clearly for the nra things with manchin have got ten a little personal. there was an nra rep in manchin's office as he was drawing up the background check deal with pat toomey . so how did this relationship get like this? the nra push follows a letter earlier this week from new york city michael bloomberg to a thousand major new york democratic donors, urging thee ining them to withhold contribution, to the four democrats who votel the against the bill. only two of them are running in 2014 . though there are some national donors who are upset, the fact of the matter is whileseriously for the two of them, don't forget they come from small state, and money is not going to be the reason why they either win or lose for re-election. still, the guy who's in charge of getting democrats elected to the u.s. senate as head of the democratic senatorial campaign committee , he was noncommittal. saying of bloomberg, quote, i'm not going to make a judgment. he's entitled to do what he needs to do. he's capitalized on bloomberg's criticism. using him as a punching bag in his race. now the nra is also going on the air to defend pryor. the radio ad mentions the 2008 murder of arkansas democratic chairman bill quatny. don't let this point escape you. where are they going up with cheaper radio spots and, by the way, looking, where are they going to defend mark pryor . interest groups on both sides are determined to bring guns to the forefront. what's still unclear is who it will help. yesterday you saw former congressman patrick murphy who is a senior fellow at the center for american progress says he believes guns as an issue is going to help democrats in 2013 .

>> i think virginia will be ground zero for gun votes. will show virginians believe in background checks .

>> call me a skeptic that the gun control crowd can play offense and succeed in a lower turnout election year. virginia could be an interesting test case. history has shown that particularly in these nonpresidential years this issue is not usually a good issue for the gun control side. finally