Daily Rundown   |  October 03, 2013

Shutdown prompts American outrage

Former Rep. Patrick Murphy, Time magazine's Radhika Jones and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway join The Daily Rundown to discuss America's growing outrage with its government.

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>> the gaggle and the center for american progress . "time" magazine editor jones. republican strategist and president of the polling company. somebody who has a teenager pulled in the shut down. we were all teenagers then. i would like to start with you. i sometimes when there is nothing to cover, it's happening behind the scenes . it's the manufactured events that get a lot of attention. that's what this feels like.

>> it's true. we have to know that congress has been a ty thitheatrical body. they have it in them to do this kind of stuff. we are in day three of the shut down. it's not looking like it's going to end soon. these various attention grabs do channel frustration to people. whether they are manufactured for more press coverage or not. there regular people who are frustrated.

>> they are really outraged. no doubt they are trying to channel it. i assume you participated in something back in the day that you assume was over the top ?

>> my opponent said you show up. we show up in the press conference and you invite me to stand with you. that was my favorite stunt. it goes to the point and this is theatrics and politics. there over 800,000 families who are laid off right now. at the end of this month, there three million veterans who will not get checks right now. that is wrong. we need these parties to come and put the country first.

>> there is a method to this madness. this is about you talking to leaders of both parties and they say you have to feed the beast and the activists. give them soming to do while they say the and wait. loo being at the conservatives. they may lose this. you want to the give them hope. is that a wrong way to look at it?

>> the parties are doing what they need to do. that's different than world war ii memorial veterans who were outraged. a memorial that was funded through private resources was closed. it's part of the shut down. i can't sit here and say their outrage.

>> i am talking about what people did around it.

>> i would have preferred the party not get involved.

>> they made it partisan.

>> absolutely. their outrage was real and they should respect it. i point out that there were 35 democrats who voted with the republicans to keep the world war ii memorial and especially low in the case of nih. funding for cancer patients. this is out of the playbook. they are saying that so and so congresswoman.

>> all right. i see that.

>> finally they are getting a little bit of gutsiness there. people are running out of principal. if you voted against obama care in march of 2010 , you can't out of principal vote to punt it. there many members of congress who feel that i wa.

>> let me ask you this. what's the same in 95 and what speaker gingrich is doing?

>> i see few parallels because of social media and because that effects overtake those who are making the decisions. we can't have as much faith if they don't get the deal done.

>> because social media wouldn't let them do it?

>> all these people are way too beholden. bill clinton was not being pulled aside and saying this is not playing well with the base. there was never a doubt that a deal would get done. it was just a matter of when and under whose terms. he was willing to give up the speakership even though they held on to the house.

>> this is radically different. this is the first time they had a government shut down during a time of war. we were telling reservists and military, you cannot travel. my brother does search and rescue in florida. he's 1,000 miles away from his wife and five kids and he's not sure if he can go back to saying it's not essential to do search and rescue ? is.

>> obama should negotiate. he should. he is saying he won't.

>> the problem is there was funding for the military. there was about four or seven appropriations bills that were passed. this time there zero. the number one support is to pass budgets and the second is to declare war . that's because of politics.

>> your cover, you guys dot thesis that the majority is not ruling. explain.

>> i want to say to these points that the lack of parallels between now and 1995 , the thing we have seen and show in our story since the 2012 presidential election is the republican party that is not only fractionalized, but atomized. after obama was elected, there were people in the republican party , the leaders basically who were saying this is the experience for us. we need to reevaluate and how we are appealing to people. it turns out that was the leadership and not the rank and file . we are just seeing the incredible rise of safe seat politics. this politics is local and happening in washington, but it's local.

>> the difference is newt was calling the shots. boehner is not totally calling the shots.

>> i don't think that's completely fair to say. it's huge for both parties and there is a great article on how wall street is frustrated because the tea party is not beholden to washington. they don't look at wall street to fund the races. they hard low fund at all.

>> they don't have influence on the republican or the democrat party . you guys will be sticking around. another look at