Daily Rundown   |  October 23, 2013

White House damage control continues

Under fire for her role in managing the health care rollout Kathleen Sebelius finally addressed the issue. Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> the first reads of the morning. white house damage control, day four now at this point? it continues under fire for her role in managing the health carcar car carolout. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius spoke out saying the white house didn't know about the website 's problems until after its launch.

>> i think it became clear fairly early on, the first couple of days.

>> but not before that, though? before october 1 , there was no concern at the white house or at hhs?

>> i think that we talked about having testing going forward.

>> sebelius offered something of a mea culpa , but would not offer reports that the administration ignored supposed red flags and she would not give any indication how many people have signed up for health insurance .

>> people are enrolling every day. not as maniy as we would like, not at the volume we would like and we will keep working on it until it's running as efficiently as possible.

>> and it's perhaps the most significant and if you're in the white house , the most troubling statement of the day, that they're not coming in, the signups are not happening as fast as they would like. on tuesday the administration tapped former omb director jeff zions to lead the so-called tech surge. he's been their fix it guy in the past. there's an urging now at hhs to be brought in to fix this troubled site. but the handling of the health care roll youth has been --

>> this morning in san francisco apple unveiled a number of products, most notably the ipad air. apple said this ipad is the fastest and most vivid way to not be able to log on to the obama care website yet.

>> this concern is starting to hit close to home for the white house . democrats are getting restless. so the president appealed to some of his closest supporters in a video that he september to the ofa folks. team obama care, he called them and he tried to get these folks to get out in their communities to help people sign up for coverage. >

>> by you now have probably heard that the website has not worked as smoothly as it was supposed to. we're going to get it fixed. it's important to remember, though, that the affordable occasion act is much more than a website .

>> in the coming weeks, cabinet secretaries and white house officials are going to be hitting the road to try to sell enrollment in ten community where is they have the highest rates of uninsured, dallas, phoenix, tampa, miami, atlanta, northern new jersey , the metro area and detroit. paul ryan became the latest republican to call for sebelius to step down. last night sebelius skirted questions about calls for her to resign.

>> did you ever talk about resigning to the president?

>> what i talked about is doing the job that i came here to do. this is the most important work i have ever done in my life.

>> at this point now, would you consider resigning over this?

>> i think my job is to get this fully implemented and to get the website working right. i work at the pleasure of the president, he is singularly focussed on making sure we deliver on this promise.

>> for now nobody in the administration is talking about sebelius getting fired. the white house believes they have about three weeks to get this sight fixed. all right critics of the health care law are using the website 's technical problems to push delays to the so-called mandate.

>> on the one hand you're telling people if they don't bye insurance next year, the irs is going to come back and issue a fine. what the bill would basically say is that the obama care website has to be up and functioning for six consecutive months before they can begin to enforce this individual mandate.

>> guess what? there might be some democratic support for something like that. because it's not just republicans now expressing concern about the site's problems. in an open letter to the president. new hampshire democratic -- eng rollment period past march 31st , adding as website glitches persist, we are losing valuable time to educate and enroll people in insurance plans. she goes on to write, in light of the difficulties individuals may be having with enrolling in healthcare.go healthcare.gov -- jeanne shaheen by the way, up for re-election in 2014 , not