Dateline   |  December 30, 2011

Deadly Triangle, Part 4

Two decades after her husband's murder, Mary Ann McFarland, is still seeing Janos Kulcsar, the prime suspect in the case. But investigators learn crucial details about her affair with Janos and the events leading up to Archie's death.

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>>> the phone calls did not stop. mary ann mcfarland moved back home to archie , but her spurned lover, janos kulscar, wouldn't move on. keep calling? she's like "i don't know." the whole aura of this guy is that he wasn't accepting it.

>> in fact as da john lewin and detective jim wallace reviewed the evidence, they encountered a man who seemed obsessed, who first pleaded with mary ann , then began using language that sounded more threatening.

>> "i want you to come back to ements. then "you better come back." she was afraid he would skin her alive, she told her daughter.

>> skin her alive?

>> if she didn't come back to him.

>> but janos wouldn't stop calling or even making threats over the phone to archie .

>> archie hung up on him. he called back immediately. "you don't hang up on me. unless you call me back i'm going to get you."

>> the next day janos showed up at the mcfarland 's house carrying a small pouch. the two started talking, then mary ann entered the room.

>> janos says "darling, come sit over by me" and mary ann puts the hammer down and says "it's over."

>> janos perhaps upset, went to the bathroom. mary ann was curious about that pouch he brought with him. took a peek.

>> and inside is a loaded semiautomatic firearm, ready to go. and an extra magazine.

>> janos later told mary ann that his plan, if she refused to come away with him was to go outside and kill himself with that gun.

>> our theory was if you're planning on killing yourself in the front yard, you don't need to bring the gun into the house. you don't need to have an extra magazine with you. i believe that something much more sinister was going to happen that day.

>> in fact, nothing happened. janos went home, but he came back here to mary ann 's house a few days later, lewin and wallace learned. it was on the friday before the murder. he met with mary ann alone. and had an epiphany. it was something he referred to in one of those conversations the police recorded between janos and mary ann .

>> i remember that morning that i left friday, i remember it. remember that morning when i left? friday? i remember. it never clicked until i came home.

>> she's not going back to archie because she loves him. she loves me, so if i could just find a way to get rid of archie , if i get rid of him, i get the girl, she gets the security and he's out of the way.

>> six days later, he's dead.

>> lewin and wallace now believe they had the motive, but that didn't mean janos did commit the murder either. they still needed something, anything to connect him to the bloody crime scene .

>> i knew that there would always be a question, how does janos get away from the crime scene without getting any blood on him. if there's no piece that implicates janos i think there's some lingering doubt.

>> the kind of doubt that just might trip up a jury, so wallace took a long, hard look at the original police report .

>> i've got a case where it's very visual and for me, everything comes down to, can i see it again?

>> and as wallace pored over the crime scene photographs he could see something was off, didn't make sense. archie had been stabbed four times. there was plenty of blood around, and if janos did the stabbing, some of that blood must have wound up on him, on his clothes. wallace knew that the crime lab never found a trace of blood back in the 1985 , but now he hy not.

>> he does the murder. where did he go next? i know this, when they got to his house he had wet clothing hanging in his bathtub. there was one pair of pants, one shirt. in other words, it's one outfit that needed washing that day, on the day he told us he was going to go to his brother's to do the wash. so what is it about this one outfit that needed a washing that day?

>> back in 1985 , those clothes were tested for blood , using a chemical called luminol.

>> you spray it on the clothing, it will luminesce with blood or body fluids. it turns out these pants were glowing in two areas, two important areas, but when they tested them for the presence of blood , they were negative for blood so something is there, but it's not blood .

>> so now, two decades since archie mcfarland 's murder, wallace found janos ' clothes. they were still in the evidence locker. he sent them off to the crime lab for retesting. and once again, there wasn't a speck of blood on the clothes, but there was something on those pants. janos had supposedly washed them and hung them up to dry, but still, there it was, something very strange.

>> dirt and mud stains all over the pants. when i saw the report, he said there was dirt on the pants. that's when the light bulb went off for me.

>> come up, caught on tape, caught in a lie.

>> so this is something awe ranged with your brother?

>> well, yeah.

>> we sent detectives out to interview the brother afterwards. he didn't know the story janos had given.

>> do detectives finally have enough evidence to arrest janos ? when "dateline" continues. s i can