Dateline   |  August 16, 2013

Under the Desert Sky, Part 2

Mickie has been missing for 12 hours and police still have no leads, until cell phone records provide a clue.

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>> day two. the deserts were cold over wendover , nevada. mickey costanzo had been missing for 12 hours.

>> it was horrible. i didn't slope. i had to stay home in case micaela came home.

>> and watch the door.

>> and watch the door. they kept sayingio you have to stay home. this doesn't help.

>> mickey 's sister was angry, terrified and both.

>> i called her phone real mad and said this isn't funny. you need to tell me where you are and what's going on. i just kept calling her phone. crying, begging her. please answer. please be okay.

>> eldest sister christina in las vegas attending nascar races with her husband had been telling people, don't worry. she's just being rebellious. not anymore.

>> i looked at my husband, and i said you need to take me home right now. he said what changed your mind? nothing happens in wendover and something did.

>> by now in wendover it was a loeschingal media event .

>> i just hope we find this little girl safe. i never thought anything like this would ever happen in wendover .

>> everybody's sad, but that's just hoping.

>> police were hoping, too, for a break. they had no solid clues. no eyewitnesses and nothing that pointed to mickey 's whereabouts.

>> i didn't believe she was dead. i was hoping maybe she was just somewhere and we would be able to find her at the time.

>> that she'd gone off to be with a friend and been irresponsible for once.

>> we didn't know whether she met with foul play or being restrained and held somewhere against her will and we didn't know if it was a runaway juvenile, but we didn't know how far it would have gone.

>> police started talking to everyone who knew mickey like her boyfriend javier . ?

>> how was she acting lately?

>> she was acting pretty fine. if there was something wrong she would vent. she's not one of these girls that would put her emotions in her.

>> could they believe the boyfriend?

>> when they pulled her records something odd stood out at the very time she disappeared.

>> there were a lot of texts and phone calls transpiring immediately after school and just up until 5:00.

>> and then they stopped.

>> abruptly stopped until the time she left the school.

>> those calls and texts pinging off the local cell phone tower were all from one number.

>> definitely having communication back and forth.

>> there was something going.

>> something. the last calls were made to a kody patten.

>> kody patten? who was he? certainly not her boyfriend, but as anybody who was around wendover , kody was a friend. one of her oldest friends.

>> they grew up together.

>> did they ever date?

>> micaela was not allowed to date until she was 16. i'm sure it was puppy love , what i call puppy love .

>> kody was an 18-year-old senior at mickey 's high school . he was a football player ask once lived in the same apartment complex as the costanzo family and now he was engaged with another girl and lived with his fiancee's parents. police brought kody in for a talk as well.

>> last time i seen her was about 5:30.

>> and that was where?

>> at the school.

>> she was with somebody?

>> i thought it was her boyfriend because it was a --

>> her boyfriend being javier ?

>> yeah. kody wasn't sure it was javier , but he seemed and probably was exhausted. he'd been out the night before searching for mickey .

>> do you have any questions for me?

>> yeah. find her, please.

>> search teams combed the desert outside of town. police, volunteers. mickey 's sister, d.j.

>> i remember i was out searching and i remember dropping on the ground and i said i really don't think she's alive. they're, like, you need to think positive.

>> but where was she? she wasn't at school. she wasn't with a friend. she apparently wasn't in town, and it's a very big desert around wendover . so much space to get lost or to hold a person against her will or god knows , to hide a body.

>> through her sleeplessness would hope to see mickey show up at school in the morning wondering what the fuss was about.

>> when she didn't go to school friday morning i knew i wouldn't see my daughter alive. i felt like i failure as a parent. not just for micaela , but for d.j., too, because i couldn't make her better.

>> i went to my mom's house, and i told her that i was going to go find my sister even though she's not okay, i will bring her home, and for whatever reason in my mind at that point i knew that i was going to find her, and i wasn't going to find her the way we wanted to, but that i was going to bring her home.

>> all night christina roamed the rugged landscape alone.

>> i stopped and looked at any little mound of dirt that looked weird, and i went to -- to the gravel pits.

>> so close. had mickey called out, her sister would have heard her, but of course, that wasn't possible. , but