Dateline   |  August 16, 2013

Under the Desert Sky, Part 4

Video surveillance from Mickie's high school shows she wasn't alone when she disappeared.

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>>> now the tv trucks roared in from salt lake and all around northern nevada, poking about in little west wendover , demanding an answer. exactly what happened to that perfect daughter, that pretty and popular 16-year-old mickey costanzo? justice demanded an answer. the police chief supplied a non-answer for the evening news.

>> we don't have a suspect and we don't have a person of interest , but we are getting leads all of the time.

>> but we can tell you now there were a couple of things about the murder the chief did not disclose when he spoke to the media. it's true there were no hairs or fibers or fingerprints pointing to any particular suspect, but there was a person of interest .

>> we started doing a little digging. we went back to the school . we obtained some video surveillance .

>> remember what mickey 's friend kody patten said he saw her leaving the school with someone whom he assumed was her boyfriend javier. mickey was indeed with someone.

>> prior to mickey leaving the school we saw kody patten leave the same doorway. kody patten , that's the someone she was with. kody , the childhood friend who had been calling and texting with mickey just before she disappeared.

>> kody patten was probably the last person who had seen her due to the fact that she left through the southwest doors and he was in that area.

>> why didn't kody tell him that. the detectives went to mickey 's mother celia to find out more about kody .

>> kody is a very interesting young man. kody could be the sweetest person in the world and then turn right around and not be okay. kody has a tough temper. kody has a hot temper.

>> kody had been struggling at school and at home with his parents, so much so that kody left and moved in with his fiancee, toni fratto and her parents, kasse and claude, mormon family. very devout.

>> i just wanted to extend a hand to him to help him get through school .

>> we became his second family, and more importantly, we were really invested in his success.

>> but you really cared for him, right?

>> of course.

>> yes. he was like a son to me.

>> but when the police asked to talk to kody yet again, it wasn't claude fratto, but his actual father kipp patten who was brought into the station.

>> he looked like your average high school student to me. tall, lean, clean-cut, polite. very self-confident.

>> did you sleep okay last night?

>> why not?

>> i've slept horrible since mikki went missing.

>> how come?

>> it's one of my friends.

>> kody rehashed the story he told the cops a few days earlier how he'd been calling and texting mickey asking for help to move some car parts and then he saw her walking toward the front door of the school .

>> i said, okay, are you all right? she said yeah. i'm fine. okay, well, no worries. have a good one. all right.

>> he had seen her at the front of the school with her boyfriend and everyone else had last seen her exiting out the back of the school .

>> not to mention the security camera that showed mickey walking toward the rear exit. no one else around, but kody himself.

>> so what are you getting at?

>> what i'm getting at is you're not being totally truthful with us.

>> yes, i am.

>> no, you're not.

>> there was no getting around it.

>> video doesn't lie.

>> the video from the school indicates to us that you were waiting for her.

>> i wasn't.

>> because that was the time she disappeared and that was the time she died. and you were involved.

>> i wasn't involved in her death.

>> i think you were.

>> i did not kill micaela costanzo.

>> i don't think you planned on it. i don't think you intended to.

>> i didn't.

>> and then kody asked if he could spend a minute alone with his dad. so the detectives left the room and kody 's father kip went in, closed the door. what happened in there? couldn't tell exactly through the door, but it didn't sound happy. not at all. mine was earned