Dateline   |  March 25, 2013

'The Fugitive', Part 2

A manhunt ensues after investigators are able to match a fingerprintfrom the bike used in alleged armored truck killer's escape.  JasonDerek Brown is formally charged with murder

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>> were trying to piece together just what happened. they had only the vaguest description of their suspect.3 f2 tarde cuando empezaron a 3 f2 tuvo otra pista.

>> it was a week later when f.b.i. located the instructor.

>> he had this little free-series bmw. very nice-looking car. laid back. that southern california surfer type. he was very cocky. he was very arrogant.

>> after some instruction using a glock .9 millimeter, he took and passed a concealed carry test. then the student told the instructor he wanted to buy a handgun. the firearms expert tried to direct him to an easy-to-use, small caliber weapon.

>> he wanted something bigger. he said what's the most powerful? he was insistent he wanted the the .45.

>> brown bought a glock .45. and he was just as particular about the ammo he wanted.

>> he chose very powerful ammunition.

>> before the f.b.i. agents left the gun shop , they down loaded the photo taken for brown's permit and sent it to the task force in phoenix.

>> you can see the smirk on jason's face in that photo. it's an interesting shot. he's purchasing the instrument he's going the use to kill this guy. and you can see his attitude about it.

>> they now had a name, a face and a vehicle for their lead suspect. a vehicle that silver bmw led them to visit a report of a suspicious person putting a mountain bike into a bmw at a motel about a mile south of the crime scene shortly before the murder.

>> they learned that jason brown had stayed in 261. forensic officers collected this surveillance video showing brown in the motel lobby the day of the motel killing.

>> a tip to the hotel, that corroborated some of that information. and then it just blossomed from there.

>> and now, leads were pouring in. brown's cell phone records were subpoenaed. and cops angererulated his trail.

>> he goes in with a bag, he , looks like he changes clothes. leaves the back there for a while and goes back and gets it in a little bit.

>> those cell towers indicated that on early evening, brown was driving west out of phoenix. his phone logs indicated dozens of calls to family members in california. sure enough, two days later, on wednesday, bank records show brown was making a cash deposit in a dana point california branch. the cops felt they had cracked the case. a grand jury agreed and indicted him for the murder.

>> we're getting close. zeroing in. but even as they seem to be drawing ever closer, they were also growing increasingly concerned that jason was far more cunning, desperate and dangerous than nearly anyone they had encountered. coming up, investigators are just minutes away from an arrest. but then --

>> a friend called him and he's a ghost.

>> when "dateline" continues. to a