Dateline   |  March 25, 2013

'The Fugitive', Part 6

Jason Derek Brown is added to the FBI 10 Most Wanted list.

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>>> i always thought that he would be caught within a month or two. by and two years went by and five years went by. the fact that we're sitting here forensic artist have tried to determine just how the years may have treated brown. has the california surfer dude grown into a man more closely resembling his father who disappeared a decade earlier jason brown 's ability to remain at large all of this time has convinced his pursuers he remains cunning and discipline.

>> he drops off the radar. and not one hit. not one credit card usage. one video surveillance capture.

>> nothing.

>> he's a ghost.

>> we have received probably over 5,000-6,000 tips.

>> all of those tips speak to how easy it might be for brown to hide in plainsighted.

>> he's good looking. charming when he wants to be.

>> yeah, absolutely.

>> what do you think the odds are that he's wangled his way into some woman's life and he's being supported and she has no idea.

>> i think that is the leading theory. he has a history of mooching off people, trying to get close to somebody, telling him somebody he really isn't and draining them for as much as he can possibly drain them for and then moving on to the next. that's where i think very likely he's using that charm to get close with a woman. tell him he's somebody totally different and then maybe moving on.

>> brown was raised in the mormon church and did his two-year mission tlout france .

>> right.

>> speaks french fluntly. could he be in france ?

>> he could be anywhere. he could be in france because he speaks fluent frempbl. he also speaks spanish and english. so he could be throughout the world.

>> over the past eight years, there have been suspected sightings of jason brown from key west to las vegas to vancouver. in one incident, cops obtained sean penn 's body double . it was just dozens of instances where individuals had been detained until their fingerprints could prove they were not the notorious fugitive.

>> the closest thing to a confirmed sighting came until 2008 . someone who knew the fugitive said he thought he recognized brown in salt lake city . whoever was in the car was long gone by the time agents heard about it. f.b.i. agents believe that even on the run, jason brown remained a serious threat to public safety and earned a place among the nation's most dangerous criminals. so in 2007 , they put him on the bureau's ten most-wanted list.

>> why does brown make the list?

>> because hi crime was a very serious, violent crime . because brown is smart. he's capable. he's a person who's fluent in french. he's an avid out doors person.

>> give me a sense for the volume of tips that come in when somebody makes the top ten-most wanted list.

>> the volume of tips, routinely, coming into leave a tip or send a tip to the f.b.i. is act 20,000 a month.

>> 20,000?

>> 20,000 a month.

>> it's not just the desire to be a good citizen that prompts that call. there's a minimum $20,000 reward. and jason brown was recently double doubled to 200, $000. the fbi is making it easy to collect. they put up a dedicated web site and the ten most-wanted app.

>> there are hundreds of thousands of hits on that app. it's been wildly success 68.

>> the top ten director thinks they'll get their man.

>> what is it going to take to apprehend jason derrick brown .

>> it's going to take some alert citizen who is listening to this show or looking at his app on his smart phone or the web site saying i know where that person is and picking up a phone.

>> the family of the man jason brown is alleged to have killed hopes that happens.

>> what do you say to jason brown as we sit here tonight?

>> ask him why? why and how could you do this to somebody over money. what brought him over money. he did not just take my brother's life. he took my mom's, my dad's's, my family's life. everything from us.

>> what is it like from you every day to know that the man authorities believe killed your brother remains free.

>> to know that he's still out there, that he could still wake up every day, enjoy life. it used to really ear tate me. as i got older, i realize i still have anger towards him. but he has to be living in fear. he cannot live a normal life . he has to be looking over his shoulder every time. he has to sleep, go to bed and know what he did and sleep with what he did.

>> the investigators charged with tracking down keith palimariez suspected killer aren't giving um.

>> he's been on the lam for eight years. what do you think the realistic chances are that he'll ever be caught?

>> i think we have good chances. they eventually get caught. one, way, shape or form. and i'm kflt that that will happen.

>> one thing i can guarantee, we're not going to stop looking. he'll stay on that list until we catch him or determine that he's dead.

>> that's all for this edition of "dateline." we're off next sunday, but we'll be back on wednesday, starting april 3rd at 8:00, 7:00 central. i'm lester holt and for all of us at nbc news, good night.