Dateline   |  April 10, 2013

April 10: 'Behind Closed Doors', Part 2

The victim's widow is taken to the police station and questioned.

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>>> joe morrissey had been savagely stabbed to death in his now his wife, kay , was being questioned by detective kendall is the room in the front of the house. and the tv was on. and i heard a noise, like something fall down. i thought it was my husband going to bed .

>> reporter: she told police her husband had been watching tv in the family room . their 5-year-old son asleep in the master bedroom . then suddenly, kay looked up.

>> i saw him. and the guy was like right here and he was right there. and i couldn't believe it. i was like -- i could not believe that this was happening to me.

>> reporter: there was a young man in the room pointing a gun right at her. kay said the man asked her where her husband was. she told him she thought he was sleeping in either the family room or their bedroom.

>> and he was saying if you lie to me i'm going to shoot you, i'm going to kill you.

>> what's your radar say at the beginning? is she telling the truth?

>> at this point i want to believe her. but the indicators are in cases like this that it's the spouse or a domestic issue or some other personal issue, not a random act.

>> reporter: then kay told police the man took her into the family room , where her husband was.

>> and he yelled, wake up. joe jumped up. and i said, joe just calm down, it's okay. wake up. don't move. just do what he tells you to do, and we're going to be okay. and then he said, i don't want you guys looking at me. don't look at me or otherwise i'm going to shoot you. so i said okay, we won't look at you.

>> reporter: kay told police she heard the intruder talking to someone she never saw via walkie-talkie. someone else wher on the property.

>> were the people talking to him on?

>> he didn't let them. he said listen to me, don't talk to me, just be quiet.

>> reporter: she said the assailant, a young man with a gun, then tied their wrists with zip ties .

>> i thought he was going to shoot us. and then he kept saying where's the wallet? i want the wallet. and then he started -- i have no money, and joe only had $2. and i said, we don't use cash, i don't have any cash. at that point he said he wanted to go itto the atm to get money out.

>> reporter: according to kay , the gunman cut their hands free and the three of them got into one of the morrisseys' cars, leaving their 5-year-old son asleep in the house, along with whoever had been on the walkie-talkie. on their way to the bank joe drove. once there, kay managed to get them to park in view of the atm camera. as you can see on this tape. then the assailant told kay what to do next.

>> get out of the car. go get the money. go get the money. he goes, remember, if you do anything stupid, i have the gun and i have your kid and i have your husband and your kid's with people back there.

>> reporter: the man wanted $5,000 .

>> so i tried the $5,000. i tried $2,000. and they don't let me. then they tried $500. and i was trying for $100 more and it said that's it, it wasn't going to lou any nor money out of the card.

>> that's what the machine said?

>> yes.

>> and how much did you end up getting?

>> $500.

>> reporter: after that kay said they drove back to the house frantic to see their son. was he still asleep? was he okay? as they entered the house, the gunman barked out orders.

>> he got behind us and said, don't do anything stupid, and then joe and i were kind of like looking at each other saying why is he coming back? at that point i thought he was going to kill us. i really did.

>> reporter: once back in the house, the gunman took them back to the master bedroom and, kay said, tied their hands and feet with zip ties and put towels over their heads.

>> why would they put towels over their head if this person's already seen them?

>> reporter: then the gunman told joe to come with him.

>> so joe goes, i can't walk. he goes, well, i want to see you hopping. hop, hop, hop. and then all i heard was that joe said, oh, please, please don't do it. and i saw the fire.

>> please don't do it?

>> he said please --

>> joe did?

>> yeah.

>> i thought he was talking about the fire, but i guess he was talking about him shooting him or stabbing him.

>> reporter: it was a horrifying story.

>> and if she's faking this for some reason, it's pretty elaborate.

>> and she's doing a good job at it. she's quite an actress if she's not telling the truth.

>> reporter: kay 's daughter christina was there when the q & a at the police station was over.

>> we went back to my house. and she didn't really say much. she was just quiet. i think she was just letting it all sink in.

>> reporter: now police were trying to determine whether the evidence matched kay 's story.