Dateline   |  April 24, 2013

The Hunt for Answers, Part 4

One suspect is fatally injured as the other flees. The manhunt is renewed.

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>> watertown was an armed camp with police , the fbi, and national guard on the streets. they responded there after police had engaged in a ferocious fire fight with the suspects on a tree-lined suburban block called laurel street .

>> about ten or 15 feet from where the two shooters were.

>> from his bedroom window, eyewitness andrew kitzenberg had a front row seat as bullets cracked in the night. his photos and observations offer some of the best information we have about how the suspects behaved. what he saw suggests the bombing suspects had absolutely no fear of death. kitzenberg describes a key moment when one of the brothers detonated the chilling explosive device.

>> it created a huge cloud of smoke. at least 50 feet high and covered our entire street .

>> what the elder brother did next reinforces the idea that he was the lead err er of what investigators call a two-man terrorist team. under the cover of smoke, tamerlan ran toward the cops, arm extended, clutching a weapon, firing round after round.

>> running down the street charging and still engaging in gunfire.

>> running into the face of police fire?

>> yep.

>> no cover?

>> no cover. he stayed toward the sidewalk, toward the side of the street on the fenceline and ran right toward them.

>> firing?

>> yes, guns ablazing.

>> it sounds like a movie.

>> it absolutely felt like something from a movie.

>> those who knew tsavraev, like family friend luis vasquez. this fit right in on their dynamics.

>> i think little brother was a follower. i think his younger brother was weaker minded. no way he could have been a master brain like a plan like this.

>> that night on laurel street , the older brother's blind charge turned into a face-to-face shoot-out. police chief edward deveaux.

>> no less than five to ten feet away from each other.

>> at some point, tamerlan was wounded, and in the midst of the vicious fire fight, the cops caught a break.

>> he runs -- the bad guy runs out of ammunition. thank god. we tackle him in the middle of the street . we know he's shot. but he's still alive. very alive. and we tackle him in the street , try to get him handcuffed.

>> as the officers were busy subduing him, witnesses say his brother dzhokhar jumped into the hijacked suv and made a bizarre move. instead of gunning it away from police , he turned around and headed straight for them.

>> he does a u-turn?

>> yep. he got into the vehicle and did a u-turn right in front of our apartment, and just started accelerating immediately.

>> right toward the police ?

>> yep. right toward the police .

>> was he trying to help free his brother from police or just plain panic? at that point, an officer looked up, saw the hijacked suv barrelling toward them.

>> somebody yells get out of the way. they dove, barely get out of the way.

>> that's when dzhokhar ran over his older brother.

>> did you see it go over him?

>> at that point, i couldn't tell whether it went over him or not. i wasn't aware of it.

>> how did he get through the watertown police vehicles ?

>> speed. he was going very fast, and he actually -- went in between them, sideswiped both of them. took out windows and doors on both cars and at least two, could have been a few more. there were a number of vehicles down there.

>> the younger brother drove off into the night , police losing him on the dark streets of watertown . somehow, he had evaded the group of armed police officers. police now had a suspect on the loose in a stolen suv . the other suspect critically wounded was on his way to a trauma center . there, an extraordinary encounter was about to take place. dr. david showenfeld in his home a few blocks away. an e.r. doctor at best israel hospital and had treated victims at the marathon bombing earlier in the week. as he listened to explosions and gunfire in his own neighborhood, he knew there might again be victims on the way to his hospital.

>> i expected after monday that there was going to be a lot of people coming in. and so i called them and said start getting the department ready, and i woke my wife up, told her i had to go to work. told her i loved her and i would be okay. and i ran out of the house.

>> the first patient to arrive had suffered injuries from head to toe .

>> it was a patient who was in critical condition that we had to save, and that was what we were focused on. and then when the patient ultimately was pronounced dead, and we stopped what we were doing, i think is when, you know, it sort of sank in.

>> the man his team tried to save was one of the suspects who had been shooting up his neighborhood.

>> it was, hey, this is -- this is the guy.

>> tamerlan tsavraev. the man in the black cap from the fbi photos. none of the watertown police officers was injured. but a boston transit officer , richard donohue, who came to help his fellow officers, was seriously wounded. now, the most intense manhunt in the history of boston was under way to track down the younger brother who escaped. coming up,