Dateline   |  May 03, 2013

Deadly Desire, Part 3

The night of March 11, 2011 leads Robert Hall to pursue answers regarding his wife's involvement with her boss, Emmett Corrigan

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>>> it was the 11th of march, 2011 . this was it. the big event. d-day you could say. it was early evening, cold as the sun went down in meridian, cold and bleak, and at two homes in particular, it was very bleak indeed. kandi hall arrived home from work to find her husband rob packing boxes. to leave? what other reason could there be?

>> i know we were probably coming down to the wire.

>> reporter: are you having the kind of unfair fights that married couples have all the time. betray each other with abandon and bond ev wonder why it doesn't work out.

>> the thing i never wanted to face was the hurt i was going to cause on so many people. i knew one day that this was all going to come out. that the way that -- usually ends up.

>> reporter: well, now you can only look back and wish it had turned out that way.

>> right.

>> reporter: around the same time across town, ashley corrigan just made the mistake of telling her husband emmett in her desperate state of worry, she'd asked her family members to pray for them.

>> he said your family? i hate your family. i could beat your brother up, i could kill all of you. and i grabbed his face and i said, you know what? i love you. i'm not going anywhere. i don't care what it is. just tell me what's happening. and i don't know. i felt like that was the last chance, and he didn't take it. he didn't open up about anything.

>> reporter: that night, though, a trusted family member who had agreed to help counsel the couple called, and emmett answered the phone.

>> he went back into the bedroom, and he said, and i could hear it all mondayi monitor.

>> reporter: what did he say?

>> i flipped the baby monitor , and he said how did it go? he thinks i'm as crazy as i do. and i said do a get a turn? and emmett said i'm going to run to wall gregreens, and i'll be right back. i said emmett , please don't leave.

>> reporter: you must have felt like your life was falling apart and you didn't know what to do.

>> i kind of felt maybe this was a grand finale .

>> reporter: he needed a wakeup call .

>> he needed a wakeup call .

>> reporter: be careful you what wish for. over at the hall house, kandi was talking to rob. maybe he shouldn't move out. maybe they should try to fix their marriage, right in the middle of that, she suddenly said she had an errand to run, couldn't wait. guess where?

>> i said i need to go to walgree walgreens , i will go through the drive through. i'll be right back.

>> reporter: here is kandi 's explanation for the way the meeting with the lover was arranged.

>> as i was pulling out of back of my driveway, emmett said, hey, what are you doing? i said i'm going to walgreens . he said meet me there.

>> reporter: what happened next, watch it on surveillance tape.

>> and i go to walgreens , go through the drive through, and i pull around and park my car. he pulls up, and i get in his truck and we go to fred meyer .

>> reporter: getting gas at fred meyer when emmett opened the truck's rear door.

>> he pulls out all of these prescription bottles. i said what are you taking? if you don't want to grow a penis don't take it. he got back in the truck and we drove off.

>> reporter: kandi and emmett pulled into a secluded spot, and had sex under a streetlight, and that's where they were when kandi 's phone rang.

>> mom, why is your car at walgree walgreens . i called dad. all right. okay. i'll be home in a minute.

>> reporter: too late. because now the wind was up, rob, the unfaithful husband, had to know now he was the aggrieved spouse. here he was in his pickup truck coming to look for his wife.

>> phone call from rob. who is emmett ? and i go -- took a deep breath and i said yep, i am. emmett looks over at me, takes the phone away from me and he goes, yeah, what's up, chief? and he says, yeah, wait right there. we'll be right there. you wait right there. and that's what i said, no, knock it off. we're not doing this. and he's like oh, we are doing this.

>> reporter: there are moments in life when big choices are made. this was not a good one.