Dateline   |  May 03, 2013

Deadly Desire, Part 4

A confrontation between Emmett Corrigan and Robert Hall leaves one man dead and one wounded.

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>>> here at a walgreens drugstore in meridian, idaho, just before march 2011 , robert hall was a man on a mission. rob parked his pickup truck , roamed the beauty and cosmetic aisles. he was looking for kandi , also in a pickup truck , with her lover, emmett . here, you can see rob leaving the store, looking at kandi 's parked bmw and strangely, getting back into his own pickup truck , pulling up and reparking it on the other side of kandi 's car. curiously, his door now just out of range of the store surveillance camera. this is when he made that phone call . the one in which kandi confessed she had been with her boss, emmett corrigan. and he said what's up, chief? and here is emmett 's truck speeding through the parking lot. still time to stop this if wiser heads had been in charge. but they weren't. nothing wise about what's coming.

>> i see rob in his truck, and he has just th look on his face, like, oh, man. and i get out of truck, then emmett gets out and then rob gets out. walks over to us.

>> reporter: this is just the sort of moment in which a person might have wanted to cool the overheated atmosphere. control the spitting anger. but had chosen words carefully. that is not what happened.

>> rob was standing next to me anhe's like what are you doing out with my wife at 10:00 at night? and emmett said, she isn't yours anymore, she's done what did you make last year? 40,000? what did we make last week? $27,000, in one week. in one week, rob. you don't make anything.

>> reporter: nasty, arrogant, like aselfless young buck .

>> rob said what about your kids and your wife? she just had a baby. they are at home waiting for you, and you are out with my wife. and at that moment, emmett 's eyes got huge and he pushed himself off his truck and went over to rob and pushed rob, very hard, on his chest.

>> reporter: and then the climax. the confrontation that had been building for weeks.

>> that's when i said, enough! that's enough! you get in your truck and rob we got to go! and as i was walking to my car, another car came by, and i had to stop, and at that point, i hear pop, pop, pop, pop. i didn't know what it was. i didn't know if the car just backfired? i had no idea. and i stopped and i went -- what was that? and all i see in my peripheral vision is rob covered in blood, like someone poured a can of red blood all over him and i went oh!

>> reporter: frantically, kandi 's fingers somehow found the numbers, 911.

>> oh, my god, oh, my god! robert , robert , robert , robert .

>> reporter: the pistol went flying somehow, no one disputes that. lying on the pavement between two men. both shot. one alive, one dying. and kandi hall entered that twilight zone where memories are made that can't ever be erased. though as you and the police department , the lawyers and the judge will soon see, they can certainly be amended. what we know for sure, she rushed to the prostate body of one of the two men.

>> i gave him a kiss on his cheek and will never forget, ever. he took that last deep -- very surreal, and was turning gray here to here to here. i didn't have much time to think of much, other than thinking to myself, oh, my god. he's -- he's dead.

>> reporter: but which one? and what just happened? a tragic lapse in judgment. thoughtless but unintended crime of passion? or was it murder in the first degree? introducing bbm video with