Dateline   |  May 03, 2013

Deadly Desire, Part 5

Robert Hall faces a trial for first degree murder in connection with the death of Emmett Corrigan.

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>>> ashley corrigan did not go to sleep after her angry husband announced he was going to the walgreens drugstore in meridian, idaho, so she was up at 1:00 in the morning when the police came. emmett was dead they told her. killed by his lover's husband. and ashley entered a twilight zone of her own.

>> it was like the ultimate humiliation. not only is your husband gone, but that marriage you were trying so hard to save, here is all of the answers as to why it was going on, but now you don't have a marriage to save anymore. it was like every emotion possible. i went through a divorce and a death all in one second.

>> reporter: bizarre.

>> and then i had to get prepared to tell my kids. and what story do you tell little kids? well, there's been an accident and your daddy won't be on the earth with you anymore. they just stared at me like what are we supposed to do now?

>> reporter: what now indeed? and that very moment, a few miles away , rob hall was in the hospital bed, recovering from a grazing gunshot wound to his head, the result police said of a botched suicide attempt . after rob put two bullets from his semi automatic pistol into emmett corrigan , one in his heart, one in his head. and over at the meridian police station , kandi hall, her clothes still covered in blood, was telling the first of several different versions of what happened in the parking lot . quite unprepared, of course, for the public torrent about to come down on her head. suddenly you are thrust into the public eye , big time .

>> yes.

>> reporter: as a jezebel, a woman at the center of a tawdry love triangle . what is that like for you?

>> it's scary. for the longest time, i couldn't go to the grocery store . i couldn't go anywhere. because i'm thinking everybody is looking at me. everybody know who's i am.

>> reporter: everybody knows what i did.

>> yes. it did happen, and i own it.

>> reporter: there is mething else that happened. although on the night of the shooting, kandi rushed to kiss her dying lover, she rather soon was back in her husband's corner as his chief supporter, especially when robert hall was charged with premeditated first degree murder.

>> we felt that the evidence supported that he planned to go to that walgreens and do exactly what he did when he got there.

>> reporter: this was no sudden crime of passion , said the prosecutors. idaho deputy attorney general jessica lorello and jason spillman.

>> this is a case of a man hunting down his wife's paramour and waiting for 17 minutes to have the opportunity to kill him.

>> thank you, your honor.

>> reporter: in fact, as they made the case for the jury, prosecutors portrayed rob as an angry man. forruous about his wife's affair. a man who called emmett 's law office repeatedly to berate kandi so loudly that others heard it all.

>> statements, such as, you're a whore, and why are you with him?

>> reporter: and the night of the shooting, prosecutors played those surveillance tapes from walgree walgreens , showing rob arriving at the drugstore, 17 minutes before the confrontation. walking through the aisles, looking for kandi . all the while with a pistol, not the one he usually carried, but the one kandi gave him, tucked in his pocket. then the jury saw emmett and kandi arrive in the parking lot . eight minutes later, heard the 911 call after shots were fired.

>> oh, my god. oh, my god, robert , robert , robert , robert !

>> reporter: what happened? the prosecutor said the secrets of the shots told the story. two quick shots, a pause, and then one more.

>> our theory all along was that rob hall had executed emmett corrigan with two successive shots, turned to face his wife, attempted to commit suicide with the third shot.

>> reporter: the theory backed up by forensics. the shots were fired from close range, two or three feet. a heavy concentration of gunshot residue only on robert hall 's hands, and only one man's dna on the trigger guard .

>> the dna matched mr. hall.

>> i think mr. hall went to the walgreens in order to confront emmett corrigan , that he took a loaded gun, and rob decided that was his opportunity to get his kandi back. by killing emmett .

>> reporter: why did he talk to emmett for eight minutes before he fired? the store was closing said the prosecutor. people were going home .

>> i think he waited until there were no eyewitnesss and he executed emmett corrigan .

>> reporter: a neat and tidy theory agreed the defense, but completely wrong. rob was a nice guy, said emmett defense and it was emmett out of control. who kept amphetamines and steroids in his pickup truck, drugs with serious side effects .

>> he had hyper irritability and as well impulsiveness, explosive temper.

>> reporter: what really happened? rob didn't testify. a doctor backed his claim because of his head wound, he simply couldn't remember. so the defense offered a theory that emmett started the fight, then the gun fell on the ground, emmett got the gun, shot rob and emmett shot back in self-defense. every head turned when a star witness took the stand to support that theory.

>> will you please state and spell your name for the record?

>> sure, kandi hall.

>> reporter: kandi , who repeated the story on the stand that she told us of emmett pushing rob, emmett becoming enraged, of hearing the two men scuffle as she walked away. before she heard, but did not see the shooting. the only problem? she told the police a very different story the night it happened.

>> that night you said you did not see or hear this altercation altercation?

>> i don't know. i don't remember.

>> reporter: in fact, candy changed her story about so many things, all helpful to rob's case.

>> i'm trying to clarify that your story has changed after speaking with your husband? things were remembered after talking to my husband.

>> reporter: in fact, later, the judge made a comment outside the jury's presence.

>> he said in all of his 30-some years on the bench, he had never seen a witness so thoroughly discredited.

>> reporter: before slept the witness stand , kandi expressed her love and sorrow to the man she cheated on, yet still loved.

>> he knew, and he still knows in his heart, that i never stopped loving him. you just don't stop loving someone.

>> reporter: and watching it all, emmett 's wife, ashley . you watched as kandi testified and what was that like?

>> i it .

>> it's hard to hear her tell her husband how sorry she was and how much she loved him. ultimately, it was because of them i didn't get that chance.

>> reporter: and rob hall 's version of events? he's about to tell you, the first time he has spoken of this. but, first, it's up to the jury to determine the wages of sin.