Dateline   |  May 03, 2013

Deadly Desire, Part 6

The Jury reaches a verdict and Robert Hall speaks out for the first time.

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>>> once he had everything he wanted. before he and his wife scratched the itch of wanting more. and now a jury was about to tell robert hall whether for the rest of his life, he would have anything at all. he had a small advantage over the jury. hall did not testify. but he talked to us. his first ever interview. to tell us he was sorry about what happened. yes, that, but also to tell us that it wasn't his fault.

>> the notion that i brought a gun there to gun down emmett corrigan , i didn't bring a gun there to gun down emmett corrigan .

>> reporter: hall's version, despite you what heard, he did not even know for sure that emmett was having an affair with kandi. but in the parking lot , emmett was the afwresor. pulled him down by the hood of his sweatshirt.

>> i don't think i made four steps when i was ripped off my feet. when i hit the ground, the first thing i thought was my cell phone hit the ground and i looked over and it was my gun. reached over, grabbed my gun, and we just struggled over it. and last thing i remember was the gun pointed at my head, and the feeling of being hit upside the head with a baseball bat , and i remember seeing everything black and gray. and that's all i remember. until sunday in the hospital.

>> reporter: in that moment of extreme anger and passion, crazy things happen, and you're asking to us believe that the crazy thing that happened started when you got shot?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: when he pulled the trigger?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: sxhand you just have taken the gun and fired two shots at him.

>> yes.

>> reporter: he has had a hole in his heart and a hole in his head. it sounds like those were targeted shots. is it possible that after you shot him, you decided you would shoot yourself?

>> no, absolutely not. i have never been suicidal.

>> reporter: the jury did hear the defense case, just not robert's. it was enough of a verdict.

>> robert dean hall guilty or not guilty of first degree murder?

>> reporter: not guilty. hearts rose and fell. but then. not so fast.

>> is robert dean hall not guilty or guilty of second degree murder? guilty.

>> reporter: guilty of murder. not premeditation per se , but of an intent to kill and a disregard for human life . rob hall looked like he been punchein the stomach. tears sprang to his eyed. in march, hall was sentenced to 30 years in prison. he will be eligible for parole in the year 2030 , just past his 60th birthday. as we sit here now, having been convicted of intentional murder, you are still not -- are yyou are not taking responsibility for this?

>> as murder, no.

>> reporter: you are saying the architect of this tragedy is more emmett corrigan than you?

>> absolutely. yes.

>> reporter: so you sitting in prison for the next god knows how many years are as much of a victim as anybody else?

>> it's devastating. i wish that i had never gone there that night to get my wife.

>> reporter: or if you went that somehow you maybe had not taken your gun along?

>> i think that. i do the what if game on that. and i think what if he would pounded my face into the cement and not stopped? and then people would say well, why didn't he have his gun with him?

>> reporter: and thus you encountered one of the elements of classic tragedy, the thing buy to protect yourself was the thing you use to destroy yourself.

>> yep.

>> reporter: another thing to contemplate in your jail cell late at night .

>> yeah.

>> reporter: he also thinks about his two daughters, whose lives, fwrad situations, triumphs, marriages, children, he will never witness. they are living alone now, these two girls, forced to fend for themselves at the ages of 18 and 14. because of a final twist to this story of betrayal and retribution. rob's wife kandi, incredibly is now in prison herself. because of the affair? no, she plead guilty to charges of embezzlement for stealing $30,000 from the law office she worked for before she worked for emmett corrigan . she talked to us about regret before she went to prison.

>> i have a lot of guilt still in me, a lot. and it has to do with my kids and his kids, and it makes me sick how i could do something like that. i was the responsible one and it's something, will they ever be able to get through that? hopefully one day i can prove to them that it was just a mistake.