Dateline   |  May 10, 2013

Obsession, Part 2

Jodi goes on trial for Travis' murder.  The prosecutor lays out overwhelming evidence against her, including her own elaborate lies about what happened to Travis

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>> a former boyfriend of hers, an individual that she was in love with.

>> on january 2nd , four and a half years after the slaughter of travis alexander , the prosecutor opened the first-degree murder trial of jodi arias by talking about a love that had gone very, very wrong.

>> she rewarded that love by sticking a knife in his chest.

>> reporter: juan martinez laid out his case for jodi 's guilt as detectives, technicians and analysts, one by one, took the stand and connected jodi to the crime. her hair and dna at the scene.

>> so this hair that you examined, who did that match?

>> the root matched jodi arias.

>> reporter: a crime scene specialist testified she found jodi 's bloody hand print on the wall. martinez had that part of the wall brought in to court.

>> what is it?

>> this is a piece of wall cut out and collected as item number 77-lb.

>> this is what we are looking at in the this photograph.

>> while it is still in the wall, yes.

>> reporter: perhaps the most evidence came from the camera found a washing machine. technicians restored photos that were once deleted.

>> in reference to the items that were deleted were there some that involved mr. alexander in the shower?

>> yes.

>> reporter: what made the pictures key to the case had to do with a feature built in to the camera.

>> it embeds the date and time the camera has to the file itself.

>> reporter: meaning for the prosecution those photos along with the other evidence, told a story. that jodi showed up at travis ' home around 4 a.m . on june 4th , 2008 . they had steamy sex until about 5:00 p.m . photographing each other as they did so. between 5:22 and 5:29, jodi took these timestamped photos of travis in his shower about one minute after this picture was taken the repeated stabbing of travis alexander began. maricopa county medical examiner kevin horn testified that cuts on travis ' hands help explain what happened as he was stabbed 27 times, nearly decapitated and shot in the head.

>> i believe the wounds to the hands must have occurred before the fatal injuries, either of the head or of the throat.

>> reporter: at 5:31, the camera snaps what seems to be an accidental photo of the bathroom ceiling. the next photo at 5:32 shows travis on the floor, bleeding profusely around the neck. in the foreground is what looks like a woman's pant leg. according to the prosecutor, it could only be jodi 's. ryan burns testified telling the court the same story he told us about how jodi visited him in utah, one day after killing travis .

>> she got on top of me pretty aggressive live and we were kissing.

>> reporter: martinez played for the jury powerful video of jodi lying outright to mesa police detective esteban flores just before her arrest.

>> why won't you admit to it?

>> i just can't. i didn't kill travis .

>> you killed him.

>> no.

>> jodi , you did.

>> i did not.

>> an accusation that would make many people crumble but jodi persistently stuck to her story.

>> were you at travis ' house?

>> absolutely not. i was nowhere near mesa.

>> reporter: what's so remarkable looking back at this police interview tape that even in the face of immutable evidence, jodi can lie seamlessly and deathly and very creatively. because the next day, after being booked and charged with travis ' murder, jodi had a completely different story to tell the police. admitting she was there that night.

>> travis was screaming.

>> reporter: but that masked intruders had burst in and killed travis and she had been too afraid to say anything.

>> and i turned around and two people there, one was a guy and one was a girl.

>> reporter: and then possibly in an effort to provoke the jury, martinez played a clip from an interview that jodi gave to "inside edition."

>> no jury is going to convict me.

>> why not?

>> because i'm innocent and you can mark my words on that one.

>> reporter: it was through these videotapes the jury heard n jodi 's own words, how her story had evolved. but it's the outtakes from these recordings, the parts the jury didn't see, that may also give insight in to how jodi operates. let's go back to the exchange between jodi and detective flores just before he confronted her with the photos from travis ' camera.

>> that's typical.

>> yeah.

>> if jodi was nervous she didn't show it. maybe because a giggle and head toss had worked on so many guys so many times before.

>> i'm christian. i just live my life by the ten commandments and those are my rules, thou shall not this or that. but it does not say thou shall noz fornicate. i used to joke about that.

>> after they are routine fell flat and she was about to be arrested, jodi seemed completely unworried. she laughed. and sang apparently to herself. i can't breathe until you're resting here with me

>> facing murder charges, many of us might think the world had turned upside down, but for jodi arias, it was a chance to get in to a head stand . in yoga it is called salamba shirsosan, a cure for whatever is ailing you. and before betting led away she made one last request.

>> this is really a trivial request and reveal how shallow i am. but before they book me can i clean myself up a little bit?

>> reporter: she wanted to look good apparently for this cheerful mug shot . in control and out to win over an audience no matter how big or small. which may explain why, when the defense was ready to put on its case, the first witness they called.