Dateline   |  May 10, 2013

Obsession, Part 6

After closing arguments, the jury has to decide whether Jodi is a victim, or a cold-blooded killer.  Their verdict leaves her, perhaps for the first time, crushed.

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>>> as the end neared, the spectacle that was the jodi arias trial spilled out of the courtroom and off the flat screens and on to the street.

>> did you kill travis alexander?

>> this trial started with jodi arias admitting that she killed travis alexander. and yet, she testified, in her own defense, for weeks. as if she still thought she could talk her way out of trouble.

>> you saw her crying on the witness stand . can anybody debate the reason she was crying is because she cries for herself?

>> reporter: there is one point juan martinez wanted to drive home in his closing arguments to the jury.

>> she's an ornate liar.

>> reporter: it was that jodi arias had spent the last four months running a con on them.

>> you are going to buy the lies? are you going to believe what she tells you?

>> reporter: in his summation, defense lawyer didn't ask for an i quital. even he seemed to acknowledge that jurors were likely to convict jodi of something.

>> if miss ariass is guilty of any crime at all, it is the crime of manslaughter and nothing more.

>> reporter: he pointedly reminded the jury this wasn't a reality show. that their decision shouldn't be about whether they approve of the woman whose sexual escapades have been part of their daily routine for four months.

>> nine days out of ten, i don't like owe di arias.

>> reporter: it is a phrase that resonated if not with the jury, his client who responded via twitter. nine days out of ten. that sounds about right. if you think it's strange that a murder defendant would laugh it up via social media even while a jury deliberates her fate, than you don't know jodi arias but that was kind of the issue throughout the trial. who was she?

>> i don't know.

>> reporter: look closely at jodi during cross-examination. no matter how much she sobs, while strategically perhaps covering her face, there seemed to be no tear drops falling from her eyes. forensic psychiatrist steven pitt is struck by jodi 's ability to lie with confidence.

>> that's a terrific sociopathic skill. she is able to tell a lie. she believes the lie and she's narcissistic and entitled enough to believe she's so good she's going to pull the wool over someone else.

>> reporter: if that is true, this jury didn't fall for it. in their assessment of jodi 's state of mind .

>> ladies and gentlemen , i understand that you have reached a verdict.

>> reporter: their judgment, that it was premeditated.

>> we the jury find the defendant as to count one first-degree murder guilty. [ cheers ]

>> reporter: outside, the crowd erupted in cheers.

>> justice for travis !

>> reporter: inside a much different mood. jodi arias sat in silence as each juror was individually polled. this time her tears were definitely real and while travis ' family quietly cried and hugged, his old friend dave hall took to the courthouse steps.

>> i'm just glad that the jury realized that jodi is a pathological liar and gave her what she deserves.

>> reporter: while travis ' friends were relieved jodi will be held accountable, they also held fast to their mormon faith.

>> i'm required to forgive her. it will take me some time.

>> forgiveness will come but it has nothing to do with her. it has to do with me. i feel i have forgiven jodi but along with that i'm grateful that justice was served today.

>> reporter: just after her conviction, the rarely silent jodi made clear what kind of punishment she'd like to receive in an interview with phoenix tv station ksaz.

>> i believe death is the ultimate freedom. so i'd rather have my freedom as soon as i can get it.

>> reporter: after those words, the sheriffs department announced it was placing jodi on