Dateline   |  May 17, 2013

'Wild, Wild Web', Part 5

Chris Hansen confronts a man who calls himself the "problem eliminator".

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>> last year you might remember we met this man. glenn glass burn who advertised on craigslist suggest he was a hit man. saying he could eliminate someone for a fee.

>> he could disappear or get hurt, hospitalized. a lot of things could happen.

>> we thought the idea of finding a hit man online is one in a million. but take a look at this craigslist posting from someone in arizona calling himself the problem eliminator. he describes himself as professional, very expensive and very discreet. promising any problem will be eliminated. sounds a little scary. we can't broadcast telephone recordings. but when we called, this is what his voice mail sounded like.

>> the dogs are howling all over the neighborhood. wait for the beep and leave a detailed message.

>> soon, a man calling himself j.g. gets back to our producer. she tells him she's having a problem with a nasty co-worker. he gets right down to business and tells her how much it's going to cost.

>> 21, including expenses. send me six and i'll be there to get the rest and the details.

>> $21,000 with $6,000 up front. we tell him we're nervous. j.g. says --

>> you don't have to worry. floss tricky stuff and i expect the same from you.

>> we agreed to meet him in tucson, arizona. he tells us to go at midnight to this local casino. he's very specific with his instructions. he wants us to sit here at this $5 wheel of fortune slot machine and save him a seat. will the problem eliminator show up?

>> frankly, we're a little nervous about all this. about who this man might be and how serious he is about committing a violent crime. two hours before the meeting, our hidden camera crew and security get into position. then right on cue, at midnight, here comes the man who calls himself j.g.

>> nice to meet you.

>> his first order of business, making sure our producer isn't with law enforcement .

>> what do you do?

>> take a guess?

>> fbi?

>> she says she's not with the fbi.

>> no.

>> he never asks if she's a reporter. but he's still being careful.

>> so can we talk?

>> sure. not here. unless you whisper in my ear.

>> whisper in your ear?

>> yeah.

>> why?

>> in case there's any recording devices.

>> he touches her back to see if she's wearing a wire.

>> you can talk in my ear. it won't hurt anything.

>> so how long have you been doing this?

>> finally, he seems ready to receive the details on who he's supposed to take care of.

>> i'm ready to go.

>> it's a huge risk for me, though.

>> what about me?

>> i need to know you can get rid of this guy for me?

>> i already assured you, promised you this situation would be handled.

>> our producer pre tends she gets a phone call and walks a away.

>> can you excuse me for a second.

>> is this seat taken?

>> she's on the phone.

>> she is? i just want to sit down for a minute. i barely get a question out when the man who calls himself j.g. decides it might be time to go.

>> hey j.g. -- j.g., you want to talk to me for a minute, i promise you. because in the best case scenario you're trying to take advantage of a young woman . the worst case scenario you advertise your services as a hit man. something else you got to know. i'm chris hansen with "dateline" nbc. are you a hit man?

>> i don't know what you're talking about.

>> don't you want to explain yourself?

>> i have to leave.

>>> i have to leave?

>> i'm going to get security.

>> i don't think i have to worry about security here. you're the one who offered to take care of this problem for this young woman .

>> you want me to believe this is one big misunderstanding? what it sounds like is that you're offering your services as a hit man or some sort of a thug enforcer.

>> no. it's all a misunderstanding.

>> so who is this man who calls himself a problem eliminator? the car he was driving had an unregistered license plate so we couldn't track him that way. so for the time being he makes his way into the darkness. if you recognize him, get in touch with us. we have a feeling there may be more to his story.