Dateline   |  May 17, 2013

'Wild, Wild Web', Part 6

Chris Hansen enters the world of 'real life' vampires. 

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>> vampires have become a national obsession with films like the twilight saga, shows like true blood . but we were sure it was all in the spirit of make believe that these blood thirsty creatures have become the rage. until we saw these posts. people seeking human blood , calling themselves real life vampires. in fact, there's a whole online vampire community that hangs out on websites like this one. crimson connections. that's where we find this ad from a 25-year-old male looking for someone to donate blood so he can drink it. we e-mail hip am and set up a meeting in new york city .

>> i'm chris hansen is "dateline" nbc.

>> when i tell him who i am, he gets nervous. later, he agrees to sit down with me wearing a disguise.

>> are you a vampire ?

>> yes, i am a vampire .

>> when was the first time you consumed human blood ?

>> i was in high school .

>> do you need human blood to survive?

>> to survive, no. but to stay healthy, yes.

>> he says it's been a while since he's tasted human blood . for now, he's got a decent substitute.

>> i have to survive on eating a -- like a raw steak. undercooked steak.

>> he wants people to know his interest in blood is genuine and has nothing to do with pop culture .

>> but you came up with the whole vampire thing on your own without any influence from television, movies or the internet?

>> yes. people should never consider the movies a way to tell what a real vampire is like.

>> it might sound bizarre but he's not the only person claiming to be a vampire we found on the wild, wild web. this craigslist post gets right to the point. vampire seeks human donor. we respond and a man named mikey males back. i am not seeking someone to hang out with. i will at times want to simply drain you and go. he agreed to meet our undercover staffer at this restaurant in upstate new york while hidden cameras record it all. but before they even begin talking, he asks for some wine. red, of course.

>> glass of merlot, please.

>> our staffer asks him how he actually plans on taking her blood .

>> would you like bite me?

>> i wouldn't bite you.

>> he tells us that he's used a syringe before. that wasn't half as satisfying as when his then girlfriend bit her lip.

>> it was so erotic.

>> obviously, that's not going to happen with our staffer. she excuses herself and that's when i step in.

>> hey, how is it going?

>> good. how are you sir?

>> i'm curious about this vampire phenomenon.

>> okay.

>> i just want to know --

>> almost immediately he realizes who i am.

>> are you a reporter?

>> i am.

>> how did you get into it? how does somebody wake up one day and say, okay, i'm a vampire ?

>> you kind of awaken one day.

>> as crazy as it seems, he appears to be quite serious about being a vampire .

>> do you have vampire 's fangs?

>> no, i don't. there's no --

>> some people do in the community. they'll get things put in by dentists.

>> are you sensitive to the light?

>> no. nothing like that.

>> he says drinking human blood rejuvenates him.

>> you feel like you don't have enough get up and go.

>> energy.

>> like someone might have a cup of coffee in the morning. i took on someone's energy or tasted someone's blood , that would kind of like revitalize me.

>> you could see where somebody unfamiliar with vampire culture would find this odd.

>> yes, of course. but it's not entirely unusual.

>> he's right about that. we found many more people claiming to be real-life vampires on the wild, wild web. here's an online post written by a woman looking for a donor in atlanta, georgia. she says her favorite color, not surprisingly, is red and to anyone who wants to reply but may be nervous, she'll throw in dinner if it will help relax the nerves. we pose as someone who might be interested in quenching her thirst and set up a meeting in atlanta where she's a college student .

>> how many times have you actually consumed somebody's blood ?

>> it's such a big number. but more than ten.

>> what happens if you don't get a donor?

>> then you just find other ways. you could supplement using animals which i personally don't like to.

>> like killing a dog or a cat.

>> rabbits work best.

>> rabbits. what about with humans, will you drink directly from the human body ?

>> it depends on the donor. you get a rush and -- how many vampires are there?

>> there's a lot of us out there.

>> around the world?

>> uh-huh.

>> those are bona fide blood -drinking vampires.

>> yes. some nice, some not.

>> what do you mean not nice?

>> hollywood does paint a bad picture.

>> are there people forcing themselves on others to take their blood ?

>> yes.

>> she says she's a nice one. she's not bashful knowing that her secret will be shared with millions.

>> this is all being recorded with cameras.

>> i know.

>>> i've had an interview with