Dateline   |  June 05, 2013

June 5: ‘Against All Odds’, Part 4

While one child is undergoing major heart surgery, the Binghams are tested further.

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>>> i'm like, this has to be a dream, this has to be a dream. i'm like, wake up, lindsey , wake up! but it's not.

>> lindsey lou bingham has been waiting for a new heart for 239 days, and now, finally, they have found a match. the doctor schedules surgery the next afternoon.

>> i'm just scared a little. pretty scared. they're going to be cutting up my chest and then pulling out a heart then putting another one in.

>> and who knows why things happen this way? as 9-year-old lindsey tries to tamp down her fear, stacy her own as she tells jason she has just heard something about sierra. sierra, who, pure coincidence, has just undergone this very same day a routine biopsy. and jason has a hard time hiding his fear from lindsey , sitting just a few feet away.

>> she's actually going to be admitted to the cdicu. she had a biopsy today and her pressure's a little high in her heart, so they're going to admit her to monitor her, so, she could very well be there when lindsey comes out.

>> jason and stacy go to the cardiovascular intensive care unit to learn more about what's going on with sierra. nearly seven years after her heart transplant , her biopsy is showing that her body is rejecting her donor heart.

>> the measurement was significantly higher than her last time, and we need to find out why.

>> jason and stacy try to put a positive spin on the news when they tell sierra.

>> and so, they want to put you in the unit, so when they get your biopsy results back and they'll know this afternoon and then decide if it's rejection or something else.

>> great day, great day. lindsey 's in for a transplant and you're in the best place you can be right now.

>> and they caught it.

>> one day we're going to look at this and just laugh our heads off.

>> but the binghams knew exactly how serious rejection can be. if treatment doesn't work, it could mean sierra will go back on the transplant list.

>> i'm sick to my stomach, to be honest, like somebody hit me in the gut. hard to see sierra go into the icu. i didn't see it coming.

>> so, mind in turmoil, heart pulled in two directions on this one climatic day, jason returns to lindsey 's room where he and one of lindsey 's nurses try to keep her upbeat before surgery.

>> ready, set, go!

>> but hours pass and the surgery is delayed and delayed.

>> we have more delays with the donor.

>> okay.

>> they're still trying to place another organ.

>> okay.

>> and it's taking a lot longer than i would have expected them to.

>> we still have a good match for her. it's other organ donors that they're trying to get located that's taking a little more time.

>> we have the heart as ours, it is not going to go away.

>> okay.

>> there is always a very small outside chance that the heart goes bad, for whatever reason.

>> that's my question.

>> that risk is still there.

>> okay.

>> the timing of the operation keeps changing. lindsey has been standing by for a whole day and night now. she is exhausted, growing more and more anxious.

>> i just want to get it all over with, just, like, get the whole thing over.

>> and then, quite suddenly, it's upon them. lindsey learns she'll get her new heart in the first hours of valentine's day.

>> all right!

>> valentine's day!

>> yay!

>> happy valentine's!

>> yay!

>> then finally, 30 hours after they learned about the donor heart, it's time to go.

>> crank it all the way up. you earned this one.

>> lindsey chooses her own soundtrack for her walk to the operating room , " somebody to love ." somebody, i need somebody to love

>> i've got chills right now, seeing her perk up is just everything i needed. let's put this thing around you like you mean it.

>> with her baby blanket transformed into a superhero cape, she is ready to face the scariest event of her young life . jason works to keep lindsey 's fear at bay.

>> welcome to the elevator.

>> oh, yeah!

>> this is where i get the biggest hug in the world, okay? i'll see you in just a few minutes, all right?

>> all right.

>> whe'll see what happens in a few minutes. all right? you'll fall asleep and then wake right back up. love you, lindsey lou.

>> bye, lindsey !

>> but as unimaginable as it seems, lindsey 's heart transplant operation is just one crisis in a long night.