Dateline   |  June 05, 2013

June 5: ‘Against All Odds’, Part 6

Will these exceptional parents get their wish to bring all five children home?

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>>> for jason and stacy bingham, the ordeal seems endless. all five of their children have cardiomyopathy or symptoms that can turn into it. two have already had heart transplants, and a third will very likely need one. in the weeks after lindsey 's transplant, her sister, sierra , goes through a course of treatment to try to fight her antibody rejection. and on april 4th , seven weeks after the operation and on the same day, both sisters return to lucile packard children's hospital for biopsies. if the results are good, jason and stacy are hoping to pack up their family and go home to oregon as soon as school lets out at the end of may. lindsey 's heart is working beautifully, no sign of rejection. she'll soon be weaned off the steroids that are causing her face to swell. but as the treatment for sierra 's rejection worked?

>> the pressures inside the atrium which were elevated are still elevated, so it hasn't gotten better.

>> sierra 's heart pressures are the same as they were at her last biopsy. her coronary arteries have gotten smaller and both of those things are signs of heart disease .

>> just another punch in the gut. every once in a while , the true reality of what we're going through sinks in, and that was one of those moments.

>> jason and stacy go to sierra .

>> so, what this means is that the treatments were unsuccessful. and so, they're going to wait and see what the numbers are for the antibody rejection and then they'll meet together and make a plan.

>> i'm just going to have to get --

>> not yet, not yet. that light at the end of the tunnel is so close. it's just right there, and then it's like the tunnel collapsed.

>> having failed to stop the rejection, doctors begin a different course of treatment. four more weeks go by, four uncertain weeks of waiting, hoping, hoping just to go home.

>> just seeing it again, seeing my real actual bed and not sharing with anyone.

>> and then sierra undergoes another biopsy to see if the new treatments have worked.

>> have fun.

>> so, we'll see you afterwards.

>> jason and stacy have learned to lower their expectations, not take anything for granted. this result could sink them again in their medical nightmare or set them free. they wheel sierra back to her room to wait. finally, the biopsy results come in, and? it worked. at least for now, the rejection has stopped. sierra 's heart is looking good.

>> that means we really can go home. is that what i'm seeing here?

>> i think so.

>> yeah.

>> cardiologist daniel bernstein will make the call.

>> i think right now things are going well. go home and enjoy being in your home, and let's see how things go over the next couple years. if things quiet down, no problems, then you're fine where you are.

>> okay.

>> words the binghams wondered if they'd ever hear again. and in spite of all they've been through, they are grateful.

>> we've walked away twice now with two children still alive, and that's more than some parents can say that have to leave here, and we can go home with five children.

>> and finally, just last friday, as cloud and rain yielded to brilliant sunshine over oregon, it seemed like half the town gathered in the local schoolyard and welcomed the little family caravan with a huge surprise party . [ applause ]

>> how are you?

>> good.

>> how are you? good to see you!

>> speeches were not required.

>> i want to hug you again!

>> so, are you letting yourself feel like you're home, or can you quite go there?

>> it's a -- we've got a new norm now. to think that it's over, no. it's just the beginning, but we're okay. it's great. we've been truly blessed and we're excited to be home.

>> and finally, here they are. sierra went straight to her bedroom just to see it.

>> ready, set, go!

>> and lindsey jumped on the trampoline, just one of the excited siblings and cousins now, just a regular kid again.

>> i love sitting there and being able to watch my kids playing on the play set and kind of watching them grow and play from afar, just watching them be kids.

>> it's not over, might never be, but right now it's just fine.

>> that's all for this edition

of dateline: against all odds." we'll see you again for an all-new