Dateline   |  June 21, 2013

Secrets in the Suburbs, Part 3

A woman named Lynn talks about the S&M lifestyle that she enjoys and reveals details of the visit, she says, she made to Bashara’s sex dungeon for a one-time encounter with Master Bob and Rachel

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>>> the media has painted a picture of e me as a terrible person and all these different things going on in my life when they didn't know me.

>> reporter: bob bashara, the church-going rotarian, it turned out had a secret kinky side and like "fifty shades of grey" about an s & m relationship this real story was a steamy topic.

>> bob bashara's alleged secret life .

>> reporter: and investigators looking into the murder of his wife jane were pursuing the sex dungeon angle, too. this s & m business, based on power and control with pain thrown in, seemed way more than the all too common woman on the side theory of motivation. they wondered, could it have had something to do with the murder? fetishes were coming out of the woodwo woodwork.

>> when i heard the news i went to the police right off.

>> reporter: this woman came forward with a romp in the dungeon she had with master bob.

>> i told him rachel was his slave.

>> reporter: she asked that we call her lynn . disguised beneath makeup she agreed to talk about her sexual lifestyle and the person she knows as master bob. lynn , a single mom with a job, made her own journey from the straight life , vanilla, she calls it, and understands the lure of being controlled and dominated. how do you go through that door?

>> it's a scary door, especially for someone later in life discovering this. the sex life was boring to me.

>> reporter: conventional.

>> vanilla. i stumbled upon it and it hit me, well, this is what i have been missing.

>> reporter: you're a submissive.

>> yes. submissive means you submit to the dominant. the submissive will do pretty much anything her dominant says.

>> reporter: putting on collars?

>> yes.

>> reporter: whips.

>> whips, flogs, canes, crops.

>> reporter: lynn said dungeon parties can be held anywhere, in warehouses, rental halls, garages, even suburban rec rooms. invitations come through the web and word of mouth . you're invited to a dungeon party. how do you know it's not john wayne gascy?

>> you don't? i talked to people. if there is anything that doesn't sound right i wouldn't go.

>> reporter: she heard about the dungeon beneath the bar from bashara himself and that he found her on an alternative lifestyle website.

>> master bob and the reason i followed through is i had not experienced a dungeon . so understanding the draw, the excitement, i had to see the dungeon .

>> reporter: one afternoon lynn met master bob and his special slave rachel for the first time. he said they spent a few minutes at the bar, chatted about nothing in particular and relaxed with a few stiff drinks.

>> and then down to the dungeon .

>> reporter: this is the actual dungeon she shared with master bob. it was shot under cover by wdiv-tv.

>> the first thing i see in the far corner is a bed. next to the bed there was a giant web-looking device.

>> reporter: a what?

>> it looked like a giant spider web with rope.

>> reporter: do i want to know?

>> it was a 360-type web.

>> reporter: the spider web contraption was in storage when the crew filmed under cover, but the dungeon contained hooks, ropes and other toys lynn remembered.

>> how do you break the ice ?

>> that was quick. she disrobed as soon as we got there and already had her collar on. that's what i was ordered to do and that's what i did.

>> reporter: master bob is telling you what to do?

>> yes.

>> reporter: and you're having a great time?

>> yeah. it was really exciting. that's where we both had our first flogging.

>> reporter: you say it so easily. my first flogging in the dungeon .

>> yeah.

>> reporter: she said she never went back to master bob's dungeon . she liked rachel , but master bob --

>> self-absorbed. very, very dominant. you know, when i say he is master bob, i believe he believes that with every fiber of his being.

>> reporter: she went to the police, she said, because she believed bob's secret life may have been relevant.

>> the purpose of my talking to the police is justice for jane 's murder.

>> reporter: there is a working theory of the motivation for the case that leads through master bob e's dungeon door. an old fashioned love triangle with a twist. the cops speculate bashara was so consumed with his lifestyle and his slave that jane didn't fit anymore into the relationship math. how did he solve the problem of one woman too many? did he delegate the dilemma to somebody else, possibly his handyman? a big guy who fixed faucets and touched up the paint on his rental properties? when the handyman paid police a visit he would have an unbelievable story to tell. at least the cops seemed to think so.