Dateline   |  June 21, 2013

Secrets in the Suburbs, Part 6

Investigators focus on a possible motive for murder – Bob Bashara was making plans to set up a 3-way household with Rachel and another sex slave and, according to Gentz the handyman, was under a “deadline” to do something about Jane

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>>> in june of 2012

>> reporter: a startling chain of events. bob bashara was unexpectedly in prison for a bungled attempt to have his handyman joe gentz knocked off by a hit man. the handyman was doing time for killing bashara's wife on orders, he said, from the husband. bashara had so far not been charged in his wife's death. so here's what was going on. behind the closed doors of the investigation, the police and prosecutors were looking at bob's relationship with the woman he admitted taking to the sex dungeon parties rachel , his mistress of three years who was cooperating with police. she was heard from publically in a brief interview with wdiv detroit.

>> when i first met mr. bashara online, he actually on his profile said he was widowed.

>> reporter: but he later admitted he was married. rachel was rueful about getting involved with master bob.

>> i unfortunately began to care for him and fell in love . in retrospect i realize he lied to me and manipulated me.

>> reporter: ex-cop tom berry said his sources in the investigation picked up on one thread in particular. rachel had allegedly given bob a deadline divorce your wife or i'm gone.

>> bob took that ultimatum very seriously because that's when he became very aggressive with gentz.

>> reporter: gentz said as much in his interview. bob is feeling the heat .

>> he is on a deadline. bob's on a deadline.

>> okay.

>> now i'm like, what do you mean you're on a deadline? he says, i've got to have this done immediately.

>> reporter: when the detectives went back and read the mistress's chatty blogs to the s and m community they had an ah-ha moment and thought they understood now what the deadline was all about.

>> there is a theory the case gets weirder because this is not the classic lover's triangle. this is a lover's quadrangle. bob, two women and his wife.

>> reporter: on her indiscreet forum blogs rachel let it known she and m.b., or master bob, were shopping for a third partner, a new sex slave to complete a fantasy three-way household. we are looking for a special girl , a third to round out our relationship. my very first requirement is that they have to adore me. according to rachel 's blog they found the ideal submissive -- a woman from oregon.

>> this is a woman bob and rachel met online. she caught a quick glimpse into bob bashara's life the money, the beautiful house , the luxury cars, lakefront living in a suburb of detroit. on top of it all, you're into a kinky lifestyle and i am, too. let's get the party going .

>> we want to make it a threesome instead of a twosome. move here. that's what was going on at the time of the homicide.

>> reporter: in her blog rachel said bob went to oregon to meet the woman. january 10 , 2012 , they are forming a bond to someday be master and slave. bashara, according to reporter santia's sources was hunting in grosse pointe park to find the threesome a place.

>> there is motive, reason and a deadline.

>> reporter: when you connect the dots the wife, jane , is odd woman out.

>> basically jane is in the way.

>> reporter: we confronted bashara with the three-way series before his arrest on the solicitation charge. the math didn't work. it was one woman too many and that's why she's dead.

>> no, absolutely not.

>> reporter: that becomes the theory for motivation for the prosecutor.

>> absolutely. but it's not.

>> reporter: the prosecutor's office did its own math. the gentz conviction coupled with bashara's attempted hit on him, the dungeon with the play mates and the looming deadline and the authorities were finally ready after a 16-month investigation to lower the boom on big bob.

>> today robert bashara has been charged with one count of first degree premeditated murder .

>> bashara pleased not guilty. a trial date could be set this august, a trial that is expected to lay out in steamy details master bob's sexual lifestyle and gents' account of being forced to commit murder in the garage.

>> it's such a tragedy, first and foremost, because jane bashara is gone and her family members will never get over that. i think what happened here is that you had a guy who was mr. grosse point, who thought he could live this secret life and nobody would figure it out.

>> he's just not bob bashara, he's big bob. he's higher. he's better than everybody else . and, i think that's what bob really thought. he's above everybody. everybody is below him. but today, everybody is above him and he's on the bottom rung right now.

>> a man who reportedly had a taste for dungeons has found and all-expense paid one with the state of michigan . whether it's home for a few years or perhaps the rest of his life, waits to be seen.