Dateline   |  June 28, 2013

'Suspicion,' Part 4

The Mortensen family begin to wonder if Roger and Pam are telling the truth.

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>> reporter: within days of kay mortensen 's murder, members of his family began hearing deeply troubling reports from the utah county sheriff's office. the investigation was leading, sure as can be, detectives told them to kay 's own son roger and roger 's wife pam . darla said she couldn't believe it at first.

>> i was just adamant that they couldn't have done it. i was their biggest defender.

>> reporter: then detectives asked her to listen to roger and pam 's recorded statements. and she too started to wonder.

>> they told lies. and then it got, it just put more suspicion on them.

>> reporter: gradually her conviction grew seam for kay 's sister fern.

>> i could buy the fact that they were thinking of roger 's involvement.

>> reporter: there were just too many things about roger and pam 's story, didn't make any sense to fern. and there was something else, too. a possible witness. remember that woman who suspected her husband was involved? police found him in salt lake city at a drug binge with some friend. they were high on meth. one of the people there, a woman, camy bills told detectives she had aster steory to tell about a dream she had.

>> she describes in what she called a dream somebody getting killed. she describes being outside of a room. she describes a female off to her left crying in hysterics. she describes three or four males in the bathroom. she says there is within male who i think is related to the female on the floor screaming.

>> reporter: remember the woman was on methamphetamine, reporting not what she saw but what she dreamed she saw. still you never know until you ask.

>> so i have a go tow lineup drawn up. she stares. puts her head down and puts her finger on it. puts it right on roger 's face.

>> reporter: the next day detectives took camy to kay 's house showed her the crime scene. and again she named roger .

>> i can't really see roger -- just arms. he's holding kay .

>> reporter: you don't hear a story lock that and say "wow, that's a piece of crap and go on from there."

>> no, not when she gives that amount of detail.

>> reporter: sus pegs picion of roger and pam was hardening. and the detectives kept the mortensen family informed of developments. what did this do to do?

>> it threw me for a loop.

>> reporter: when pam and roger attended kay 's funeral. the tension was thick.

>> it was very difficult to be there. everybody wanted to know what happened that night.

>> reporter: but they couldn't say anything, said, pam , detectives told them not to.

>> my sister came up to me at one point and says, "tell me what really happened." i told her, "i am sorry i cannot talk about this."

>> shortly after roger and pam took the polygraph test and were told about the dismal results. they hired a lawyer. few in the mortensen family could understhaand why they would do a thing like that if they were innocent. that is.

>> i tried to say what would i do if i was in their situation. i would do everything i could to help get these people that had caused such horror in their lives. and, murdered kay .

>> reporter: on the advice of their attorneys, roger and pam stopped talking. and the lopsided rift in the mortensen family widened from mistrust. anger, to outright accusation. chris andriss was one of very few people who continued to support roger and pam .

>> they were left off to hang out and dry.

>> reporter: how did you feel about that?

>> i was so angry. i was so, so angry. i couldn't belief that -- that you could love somebody and do that to them. even if i thought -- roger had done it. i would not have abandoned him.

>> reporter: and they did?

>> absolutely. they did. not only did they abandon him. they crucified him.

>> reporter: months dragged by. roger and pam were head loon neloon -- head loline news in utah. they remained free. day by day they went about their business as if their lives were still quite normal. july 28, 2010 , utah county prosecutor, tim taylor took a step to break the log jam. he presented the case against roger and pam to a grand jury stoechlt wso why call the grand jury why not charge them?

>> we felt the grand jury was a great tool to force them to come in to talk.

>> reporter: a secret proceeding. no defendants, no defense attorney . only prosecutors, police, some members of the morten send family and some of pam 's co-workers in front of 16 jurors whose job was to decide whether or not they should charge roger and pam with kay 's murder. and -- in just over an hour, the jury decided to indict. so what did that say to you?

>> well, there is enough to proceed.

>> reporter: it sort of reinforced what you were already thinking?

>> it did.

>> reporter: that same day, 8 months after kay mortensen was found dead in his home, roger and pam were deposited in the county jail . chris, the family friend who still believed they were innocent. want to roger 's sister.

>> i said, julie, we need some money to hire an attorney for roger . weave th we think pam 's family can come up with money for pam . we have to get him a separate attorney. can you help me? there is ml yuillions of dollars in the trust. her word were not one red penny will be spent on his defense. julie told us she did not use those specific word, but said the family was advised by their family not to use capekay's money to pay for roger 's defense. which meant roger who stood to inherit a big chunk of his dad's millions would have to rely on a public defender . were he and pam diabolical killers as detectives and their own family cam to