Dateline   |  June 28, 2013

'Suspicion,' Part 5

Roger and Pam Mortensen tell us their story. 

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>> much of utah county and roger 's family and many one-time friend joined a lineup arrayed against roger and pam mortensen as they sat in jail charged with murdering roger 's father kay and they waited for their day in court. the evidence against them -- their strange demeanor, their alleged financial troubles. roger 's failed polygraph. mostly according to detectives their changing story about the night of the murders. what was the truth? we asked the only people who knew for sure. starting at the beginning with that strange 911 call.

>> who held you hostage?

>> i don't know.

>> reporter: our viewers hear the 911 call, wait a minute. something is wrong there. people scream on 911 calls. they're crazed?

>> i think i was in a lot of shock, too, and i, i don't know the real reason why. i was, i could stay as calm as i can. but -- i just, that's just my personality. that's the type of person i am.

>> reporter: and although she didn't sound like it, she was terrified she said. their captors had just threat tuned kill them if they told the truth.

>> so when the 911 operator asked me "how many were there?" i was totally confused what to say. do i tell the truth? which is what i wanted to do.

>> reporter: roger said he knew exactly what he had to do when he discovered his father in the bathtub.

>> i hollered down to her when she was still on the phone. tell them the exact truth we are going to get these guys.

>> reporter: fapam said she still couldn't spit it out.

>> i was kind of staggering through what was going on. well there was two, maybe there was three. because i didn't know, i was terrified for my life still. and i didn't know what i should have said.

>> reporter: what about their police interrogations? when their stories didn't match?

>> i thought their gloves were one color. she thought their gloves were another color. other than that. our stories were basically the same.

>> reporter: they beth cooperated fully -- both cooperated fully. talking for days. after police brought up one accusation after another.

>> reporter: there was an in ha -- inheritance involved?

>> yes.

>> reporter: you talked about it with police?

>> i don't know.

>> reporter: they said you thaukd talked about it. cops run into it all the time.

>> they say they did.

>> reporter: that's clearly what they were thinking when they talked to you.

>> yes.

>> reporter: did they make that clear?

>> they didn't make much clear to us. they just said that we were not being, cooperative with them. even though from the very beginning we told them everything that happened. they just didn't believe believe that two people would kill one person and leave two more alive.

>> reporter: perhaps, what about roger and pam's apparent financial troubles.

>> we were not having any financial problems. if we were having financial problems my father would be glad to help us. we had that type of a relationship.

>> reporter: they were certainly not debt-free, they said, but didn't amount to a whole lot. as for the pile of unsent mortgage coupons they had simply started paying online they said like everybody else. and as for that failed polygraph test -- roger said he should have never been asked to take it. remember, he is on disability because years ago he had a serious accident that left him with a brain injury. which caused among other things short term memory loss and confusion and -- the sort of thing that would make polygraph test useless.

>> i said how could i have failed. i did not do this.

>> reporter: so was he lying? or did police have it all wrong?

>> they didn't know how to proceed. they could not find fingerprints because the people that gloves on. they didn't find a gun. because they took it with them. they didn't know what to do. and so being confused they went after the easiest subjects they could find. it was us.

>> reporter: the days piled up. a month. two months. four months in jail. waiting for their day in court. a day for which roger 's lawyer maybe wasn't quite so eager as they were.

>> we had a case that i believed in. we had a case that i thought we could defend. at the end of the day i was scared.

>> reporter: and no one was prepared when one cold winter day in the utah county sheriff's office, the phone rang. [ phone ringing ]