Dateline   |  July 19, 2013

'Wild Wild Web,' Part 1

Chris Hansen meets again with Jessica, a woman previously featured on Wild Web, and meets her ex-boyfriend.

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>> we're back in the online classified were people offer services on sigtes like craig 's list and ebay. with a few clicks, you can find some strange things. this woman arrives to do some cleaning. if she happens to look familiar, it is because we first met her earlier this year across the country in ft. worth, texas . a lovely young woman said she was looking for love from an older man at least in his 70s.

>> i want to enjoy life a little.

>> she said her name was jessica and sent sam these pictures. she said she was a 35-year-old single mom and that she needed money to be able to visit him.

>> i have savings.

>> sam told jessica he had a nephew. a dateline producer that happened to be in texas and would hand deliver the money. i came along as his friend. instead of this woman showing up, this woman arrived saying she was jessica .

>> how are you?

>> good.

>> jessica , really?

>> this is the post right here. you'll see this is the picture that you posted. that's not really you, is it?

>> no, that's me when i was in high school .

>> in high school .

>> yeah.

>> everybody changes over the years. i'm not being disrespectful, but i don't think that's you. it was time to let jessica know we were on to her. you came here to get money. you have no id to prove who you are. you put a fake photo on craig 's list.

>> nice to meet you.

>> nice to meet you too. after she left, we found on uncle who lived nearby. what about the woman in those pictures? we tracked her down. her name is cara. jessica 's former high school classmate.

>> do you feel violated?

>> i feel absolutely violated.

>> and now we have found someone else who says he too feels violated.

>> she was everything i would want.

>> he says jessica has always been a nice person, but two years into their relationship she changed and took off for texas . that's when brandon , who lives with muscular dystrophy , began hounding him for money.

>> it was times where it was send me a thousand dollars.

>> even brandon 's grandmother says she was a victim of jessica .

>> brandon says by the time she was done, jessica ripped off his family to the tune of thousands.

>> wow. gone.

>> gone.

>> that was set aside for you college education .

>> yeah. looking back i obviously --

>> got taken.

>> got taken on that one.

>> his heart was broken. his bank account was wiped out. he says he confronted jessica , but instead of getting an apology, jessica rubbed it in.

>> hey, brandon . it's me jessica . i just wanted to let you know that the money we took from you it was a scam. it was all a scam. all we wanted was your money. thanks for the money.

>> that's hard for you to listen to even today.

>> that 23 second message changes everything.

>> brandon and his family have filed a police report regarding jessica and now we had a whole new reason to track her down and once again we found her on craig 's list. not in texas , but in maine, offering to clean houses. i am a single mom looking to get some extra work. we knew she was not a single mom , but we didn't know if this was a scam or not. then we set up an appointment for jessica to do some house cleaning . here she comes now along with her sister.

>> hey, how you doing?

>> i greet her as the homeowner.

>> looks like there's a bit of a mess here.

>> jessica doesn't recognize me from our first meeting in texas .

>> do you want me to unload the dishwasher too?

>> that would be good.

>> she's a little taken aback when i begin to play that voice mail she left for brandon .

>> hey, brandon . it's me jessica .

>> there's something you have to know. i am chris hanson with dateline nbc . we had a conversation before, didn't we?

>> yes.

>> just like the first time we met her, she wasn't interested in hanging around. in her rush to leave, jessica left her cleaning supplies and cell phone behind. she was back a few minutes later.

>> jessica , your ex-boyfriend brandon says you took --

>> [ bleep ].

>> you took it under false pretenses. i interviewed brandon .

>> brandon [ bleep ].

>> what did he lie about?

>> brandon gave her that money up front.

>> i didn't take that money. brandon gave it to me.

>> brandon says he got this text from her apologizing for taking his money saying, i'm sorry. i just made a mistake. as for brandon , he is still struggling to understand it all.

>> you never saw it coming.

>> never saw it coming. we