Dateline   |  July 19, 2013

'Wild Wild Web,' Part 2

Is this 'Man of God' all that he seems? Chris Hansen investigates.

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>>> we're under cover inside this house near atlanta, georgia where this elderly man, really a dateline volunteer, is waiting for a visitor. the man headed up the walk claims he is a man of god. is he? we found him through his online post. child out of control? let us in christ get it done. here's another. deliverance from drugs. we have the testimonies to prove it. upside down on your mortgage? we may be able to help. in christ, we have done it for many. we replied to that add and told him we have an elderly grandfather who was worried about foreclosure, needs financial advice , and could use a caretaker. he agrees to come meet him in return for a $500 fee. he thinks our producer is alan 's grandson.

>> don't get up, please. how do you do?

>> he tells our grandfather a little bit about himself as we watch it all from our control room .

>> i minister the gospel. i have been a minister for over 30 years. my ministry is to bring people back to life.

>> right off the bat, he treats our grandfather like family.

>> if you had to order one dinner that you would like to have tomorrow night, what's your favorite?

>> fried chicken .

>> you're going to have that tomorrow night. how about some corn bread ?

>> yes.

>> he made it clear his $3,500 fee was to help take care of alan , not give him financial advice .

>> payments are 2, $240 a month.

>> that's too much. i would like to help you, if i can, get a lower payment.

>> he says he knows people in the underwriting business who will refinance the house with much better terms.

>> the way to refy is house is not to just give somebody an application and hope. i call up the underwriter of the company.

>> before going any further, he asked for a moment to bow their heads.

>> can we pray together first?

>> oh, that would be nice.

>> okay. father god, i pray for alan . we ask for that financial relief, father god, that we have helped so many people to have.

>> as earnest as he seems, there is something you should know.

>> they say he ripped off customers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

>> he was under indictment charged with scamming 25 people, most of them elderly in a mortgage fraud scheme.

>> a georgia prosecutor's office is crammed with boxes containing what he says is evidence of his crimes.

>> did he perform any legitimate services for any of those 25 people who paid him in excess of $100,000?

>> zero. he did nothing.

>> one of his alleged victims, who prosecutors say lost $1,200 is this woman.

>> did you pray together?

>> yes, we prayed together.

>> was that important to you?

>> yes, it kind of gained my trust.

>> we invited her to watch from her control room as he made his pitch to our volunteer. and now it was my turn to ask him some questions.

>> what's going on, brother?

>> he thinks i'm a nephew. i start by askingalan.

>> how many times have you helped people in the past?

>> over the years, a lot of times.

>> he denied the consultation fee has anything to do with the financial advice .

>> that would be to come over and take care of him.

>> the financial counseling is free.

>> absolutely.

>> it is time to let him know i know more about him than he thinks.

>> the reason why i'm asking all the questions is because i know a lot about your background. your criminal history. you are currently under indictment for a mortgage scam. here's the indictment right here that charges with you for taking money fraudulently from people promising to help them with mortgages. this is your mug shot right here, right?

>> yeah.

>> that wasn't your first arrest arrest.

>> you're making false accusatio accusations.

>> i'm not making false accusations . let me read you something -- a judge said of you you are a threat to society. defendant is not a good candidate for rehabilitative is supervision. that's when he gets angry.

>> who are you working for?

>> i'm chris hanson of dateline nbc .

>> perhaps you recognize ms. taylor back here. what did he promise you?

>> mortgage modification.

>> i would have to look at her file. i don't remember her file.

>> he sees our cameras and decides it's time to go. we never paid him that $3,500.

>> you'll be hearing from my lawyers.

>> we didn't wait to hear from his lawyer. we called him.

>> cut your cameras off.

>> still hasn't learned his lesson. we need to bring him to trial quickly, hold him accountable, so we can stop him from preying on our most vulnerable citizens.

>> he will stand trial later this year.