Dateline   |  July 19, 2013

'Wild Wild Web,' Part 3

A daycare provider outed this child online as a biter. Why?

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>>> the wild, wild web has become a kind of battlegrounds, a place to air grievances and settle scores. we found one such battle on craig's list. what we couldn't believe was who got caught in the crossfire. this adorable 2-year-old boy. according to the post, you're looking into the eyes of a mena menace. we thought it was worth the risk of meeting him. his name is ryan and he's 2 years old. maggie is ryan 's mom.

>> how did you react when you first saw this?

>> i was sick as any parent would be if they saw their child on the internet.

>> it all started with something close to the hearts of parents, child care . the woman who posted the picture of this 2-year-old for all the world to see runs the day care center where ryan spends eight hours a day. initially his mother thought tiny tots day care was just right for her kid.

>> it looked spectacular. it was extremely clean when i walked into the home.

>> she also liked the owners. a mother and daughter team. she was so happy with them, she also enrolled ryan 's 5-year-old brother.

>> your 5-year-old complained of not getting enough food. did that worry you?

>> it did.

>> maggie complained and never expected what happened next.

>> she dismissed your children from her day care .

>> she did.

>> what reason did she give?

>> she stated my 2-year-old bit another child.

>> that's when the online battle began. maggie was so angry, she posted her own online listing warning parents to stay away from tiny tots. the other woman posted the photo of ryan . your kid is a dog and he keeps biting.

>> this is an abomination. nobody has the right to do that to a child.

>> she runs an early childhood center in new jersey and is on the board for the education of young children.

>> young children bite and you deal with it.

>> she's like, you need to come pick him up immediately.

>> michelle thomas , also se also sent her kids to tiny tots. when she saw -- posted a complaint online, the center posted i hope you die.

>> we checked out tiny tots with the state of arizona and found there's been no complaints filed against them. they don't have a license, but they don't need one if there are no more than four kids at a time. we saw at least ten kids being dropped off. this mother says she saw even more causing her to remove her son from their care.

>> i visited about two weeks ago. when i went in, i counted 22 children. every seat in the dining room was covered. every spot on the couch and the floor, and there was five kids by the gate.

>> what did they have to say about all this? we decide to pay her visit. almost immediately she figures out who i am. there's something you need to know . i'm chris hanson with dateline.

>> she and her mother admit sometimes they watch more children than they should. did little ryan bite anyone? they say yes.

>> we were curious about this. what's the story here?

>> she likes biting kids.

>> how could she justify making an online example of a 2-years-old?

>> people need to be aware of this kid. he bites.

>> you texted michelle, quote, i hope you die and your kid.

>> yeah, i did because she's [ bleep ].

>> is that any way for a day care operator to speak to a parent? i hope you die and your kid?

>> that's not very nice.

>> what about the photo that brought us here? she said she hadn't done anything wrong by posting it.

>> i had to warn other day care providers that that kid bites.

>> is that appropriate?

>> i think it is.

>> make sure you do your home work .

>> don't just take your child to a child care center that's nearby or affordable. ask the questions.