Dateline   |  July 22, 2013

'The Little Prince,' Part 2

With all of the excitement this royal baby brings, there's one person who isn't here to celebrate. We remember Princess Diana, the royal mom who broke the rules.

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>>> with all of the excitement

this royal baby brings, there's of course one person who isn't

here to celebrate with william and kate .

>> i would love to have met her.

and she's been the first woman

to look up to.

>> diana would have turned 52 on

july 1st , quite young for a


but even in her absence, she

will have a profound influence

on this new baby.


as principle says of wales she

broke the mold for royal motherhood.

>> she was very much a part of her sons's lives.

>> in so many ways is seems that

william has learned from his

mother diana and is trying to

reflect her sense of how to be a

good parent rather than the

historic sense that comes from

his grandmother.

>> back in 1981 , after dazzling

the world with their own

majestic royal wedding , prince

charles and princess diana faced

the same anticipation that

william and kate have


that pressure to produce the

next heir to the throne . then just three months after

their marriage, buckingham

palace announced that the princess was pregnant.

but she found that having a

child in the windsor family

wasn't so simple.

for centuries, royal babies had

been born inside the palace,

surrounded by members of the

royal court but not the father

to be.

>> when queen elizabeth gave

birth to her two first children

she was without her husband.

and she wasn't in hospital.

he was off playing squash.

and it wasn't the royal way to

go into hospital.

>> that royal way wasn't diana 's


so she broke protocol and headed

to st. mary 's in london.

that's when a new tradition was


>> diana was the first woman to

go into hospital to have her

son, william .

and she was the first one to

have her husband at her side.

>> it was june 21st , 1982 .

a crowd gathered outside st .

mary 's waiting for the big news, including press corps

photographer arthur edwards .

>> take me back to the day

prince william was born.

what do you remember?

>> it was a rainy day , miserable day.

i remember when prince charles

came out of the hospital just

after william had been born. about 10:30 at night.

he was so excited.

he was just unbelievably happy.

>> he's in marvelous form.

>> does the baby have any hair?

>> yes. fair.

>> fair hair ?

>> rather blondish.

>> as they left the doorstep of

st. mary 's, the royal couple

proudly displayed their son for

the cameras.

prince william 's arrival back in

1982 was cause for celebration

across the united kingdom as

well as a bit of humor when

queen elizabeth first saw her

grandson she reportedly quipped

"thank goodness he hasn't ears

like his father."

despite his stodgy image, prince

charles took an active role in

those early days.

andrew morton wrote " diana the

true story".

>> he virtually gave up royal


he was busy changing the

nappies, getting in the tub with

william at bathtime.

rather neglecting his beloved

garden at highgrove.

>> but behind palace walls,

diana and her older, more

conservative husband, clashed

over certain aspects of their

son's upbringing.

>> diana really found herself as

a woman by becoming a mother.

because she then felt able to be

more assertive.

and first choice was the baby's


prince charles wanted arthur.

she wanted william .

and guess who won.

>> she was also determined not

to let royal duties get in the

way of her parenting.

when prince charles was a young

boy, he rarely saw his mother

and father.

>> the queen and prince philip

went away for six months to new

zealand and australia this time

when charles was three years

old. it's almost unimaginable to us.

that separation at the crucial age of a child's life.

>> diana would have none of that.

so she and prince charles took

william on the royal tour to new

zealand and australia when he

was just nine months old.

>> we have these great pictures

of him crawling in --

>> into charles 's lap.

looking up at his father.

amazing shot.

>> that was in new zealand .

they gave him a little toy, a

little bee.

i went back with william to new

zealand at 2005 .

i said i photographed you with

that on the rug.

he said they put that little toy

bee in my room to remind me of

it. >> we could see a sequel.

william and kate are expected to

travel to australia and new

zealand next year.

and they just might bring baby

on board.

it's all in keeping with their

desire to be hands-on parents,

even fit means breaking the

royal rules like william 's mom.

>> up until diana , royal babies

were cared for by a range of

different people that would be

on hand.

and so there is what a way in

which mother and baby felt

somewhat detached.

but with diana , there was a

desire to keep william by her side.

>> so when prince charles wanted

to bring on his long-time nanny,

diana stood her ground and hired

her own.

>> she had nannies for they're

her children, but there's a

pecking order.

diana was number one or chief

chick as she used to call

herself. and everybody else was just had

to sort of waddle around.

>> i remember at polo, william

rushed to neither edge where the

horses was and the nanny scolded him.

his face broke out into tears.

he ran to his mother and she

hugged him and she smoothed his

hair and calmed him down.

>> diana was a deeply protective

but she knew the press was

always eager for pictures.

as she and charles took william

on a stroll, the little prince

was just starting to see his


>> camera. camera.

>> living in that royal fish