Dateline   |  July 22, 2013

'The Little Prince,' Part 4

Raising the baby prince: How will this very private royal couple raise a child in a world of instant news?

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>>> william and kate are now set

to use the lessons the prince

couple bring up their new child

y ahora las van a utilizar en la >> they want to be the sort of

family that is as normal as

normal can be when you're royalty.

so they have a much more modern


>> william and kate are

extremely private people.

>> robert johnson is author of

the book "the new royal family ."

>> they guard their privacy and

really tightly.

they do what they need to do in

public, but they don't really

want to be exposed privately.

>> since their wedding, the two

have carved out their own unique

royal lives, dividing their time

between london and his tiny

welsh village where william has

served as a helicopter rescue

pilot in the royal air force .

>> they're settled.

>> long ln time royal

photographer arthur edwards has

known william since he was born.

>> then they got engaged and

were interviewed.

the interviewer asked her can he cook?

>> i am quite lazy about


when i come home from work it's

the last thing i want to do.

>> i never heard a royal family

say when i come home from a

day's work.

that was refreshing to hear


>> they're afforded this idyllic

lifestyle being able to be away

from the public gaze.

cooking meals, going to the

cinema, walking the dog and

being generally normal.

>> it's been a peaceful exist


ens /-* -- existence. >> prince charles had

detectives, butlers, a whole

panoplea of people.

now they've got a part-time


this is because they want to

live as ordinary people .

>> their private life is about to change.

the prince is expected to end

that job he loves soon to take

on more rile duties full time in

london .

>> will that be a difficult

transition for him?

>> i think it probably will be a

slightly difficult transition.

he's been able to hideaway in a

true wilderness.

the village is just about as

remote in great britain as you can get.

and i think suddenly coming back

to london , to a new very public

life on a daily basis is going

to be a little bit hard, i'd


he likes isolation and being on

his own.

>> and now he and kate will face

even more challenges to their treasured privacy.

from professional paparazzi and

anyone else with a camera phone

eager to tweet royal baby pics.

>> we must remember this child

has been born into an

extraordinary world one very

different to the world that

william and harry was born into.

that brings all sorts of

pressures as they envelope and

try to keep a semblance of

privacy from what will now and

for a very long time be the most

famous child in the world.

>> in the coming months the

royal trio will be moving into a

21-room apartment being

renovated here at kensington


but for now they're squeeze need

a two-bedroom cottage on the

grounds, fairly modest by royal

standards. >> they're occupying at the

moment two bed rooms while their

new apartment is being


they call it an apartment.

really it's a proper family


it's got 20 rooms.

it's where princess margaret the

queen's sister used to zblif one

of those new room

-- to live.

>> what do you expect the

nursery at kensington palace

might look like?

>> i think it will be a very mix

of old and new.

she's bought this newfangled

buggy stroller to carry the baby

around in.

we'd expect her to have very

up-to-date pieces for the baby.

>> this woman may know more than

anyone about that little

sanctuary for the heir to the


>> are there paparazzi staking

out outside your door?

>> well, we have had some people

with very long lenses.

>> lucinda croft runs the baby

boutique dragons in the posh

area of london near kensington palace .

her mother started the business

in 1979 , and princess diana

became a client.

>> and she walked in.

and she was just so normal and


you sort of quickly forgot she

was princess diana .

>> diana later hired dragons to

create nurseries for william and

harry. >> and you're not going to tell

me if you're designing for this

royal baby, right?

>> sorry to disappoint you.

no, we just have that as a rule.

we like to protect our clients.

but if they want to tell people then that's lovely.

>> we had a lot of fun with it.

>> but an if tradition holds,

dragons has created this special

nursery at the grove nor hotel

fit for a future monarch.

>> was this all designed with a

royal baby perhaps in mind?

>> well, we think everyone's

baby feels royal to them, doesn't it?

>> but even with an elegant

nursery at the palace, william

and kate are determined to raise

their child in a decidedly

modern household.

>> they've said they weren't

going to be forced into this

royal mold of being a couple

with lots of servants and being dictated to.

>> beginning with the nanny.

just like centuries of royal

children before him, prince

charles was primarily raised by

nannies, spawning an interesting

theory. >> prince charles talks of one

of his nannies, maybe e

of his nannies, mabel e of his nannies, mabel ande of his nannies, mabel anderson

as being his haven of security.

his wife camilla does look

rather like this nanny.

it seems the royals tend to

marry their nannies as opposed

to their mothers.

william 's nanny looks rather

strikingly like kate middleton .

and that expresses a real truth,

which is that the royals look to

them for emotional support,

critical emotional support.

>> but with william and kate ,

those powerful, all-trusted

nannies could be on their way


they just may be bucking that tradition.

>> how many people do you think

they'll have on duty?

>> i think they'll probably have

a very small number of people

helping them.

i think they'll keep the help

down to a bare minimum.

>> so the couple are said to be

looking for just a part-time

nanny to help with the baby and

possibly on future royal tours .

still, a trusted mary poppins

doesn't just pop down from the

sky like in the movies.

how will they find her?

>> finding a royal nanny, i

suppose, is a very difficult

thing like celebrities, loyalty

and discretion are absolute musts.

there's a lot of word about that

goes on in royal circles.

>> william and kate recently

hired a new housekeeper for

their kensington palace apartment, recommended by the

queen herself.

>> that's the way it works.

i think they do keep things very


>> but after all, who needs a

nanny when you have the ultimate

one on call?

a new kind of grandma is coming

to the royal household .