Dateline   |  July 22, 2013

'The Little Prince,' Part 5

She’s now the world’s most famous grandmother. How will Kate follow her mother’s guidance?

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>> in recent months we certainly saw a lot of that baby bump with kate still keeping a busy public schedule. but we didn't hear much from her aside from an occasional photo op .

>> i'm patron of children's


>> in her first video message

for charity, shedsee

for charity, shed for charity, sh see for charity, sh seemed a

for charity, sh seemed a bit stiff.

>> there's a misconception about

kate that she's perhaps a bit

timid or a bit of a walkover.

she isn't.

she's just quietly confident

without being a show off.

she very much puts her foot down

when it comes to what she wants.

>> that quiet confidence may

come from her you neck


in fact, the arrival of this

royal baby marks a historic

moment for the british monarchy ,

bringing a new blood line into the house of windsor.

and it's not blue.

>> that is the huge change here.

>> rachel johnson is a columnist

for "the mail on sunday."

>> really.

i mean, it's the alliance of the

royals with the middle classes .

>> unlike diana and other

princesses, kate does not come

from noblity, making her a

commoner by royal standards.

now she's the first commoner to

produce an heir to the throne in

more than 350 years, since ann

hyde in 1662 .

>> it's very useful to have

someone who's a so-called

commoner attached to someone royal .

i don't think she wants to be

bringing up overprivileged brats

who don't know which side their

bread is buttered.

>> that attitude in kate can be

traced to one person, her own

mother, 58-year-old carol

middleton , whose ancestors were

northern english coal miners .

>> she's going to be the only

grandmother and the only

grandmother to the future heir

to the throne.

>> carol has been a sturdy

presence for william and kate ever since they met.

and she played an active role in

the planning of that little

wedding two years ago.

although the commoner mother was

still learning the royal ropes.

>> one of the little incidents

that always remained with me was

when carol middleton came onto

the balcony with the queen,

prince philip and the newlyweds.

and she saw this throng of

people and she was kind of

overtaken by excitement.

and she starts waving.

then you could see out of the

corner of her eyes she's looking

at who's not waving.

she quickly puts her hand down.

>> the protocol.

>> a form flight attendant,

carol and her husband michael

built up their own party supply

company that would grow into

party pieces, an online business

that has made the middletons


>> i mean, anyone who can make 1

million pound selling party hats

on a web site , i mean, how does

she manage that?

>> through it all, carol was a

hands-on mother herself, raising

their three children, kate , pippa and james.

>> she was the mom who used to

take them to hockey matches and

very much be a soccer mom .

and i think kate will want to

replicate that because it has

given those three children a

very stable and normal base to build on.

>> and now with william and kate

relying on fewer palace staff,

there's speculation carol could

serve as a sort of royal super

nanny for this new baby.

>> what role do you think carol

will play in helping kathryn

bring up a little child ?

>> i think there's an unwritten

rule almost that the mother of

the mother always takes on a

significant role for the new parents.

i have no doubt she will take on

a significant role in both of

their lives and their newborn


>> their aunt pippa is expected

to take some royal babysitting shifts, too.

she reportedly hosted a baby

shower for kate last month, a

first for the royal family .

after her stunning appearance at

the wedding, she attracts her

own paparazzi.

but she and kate remain

extremely close.

>> these are two sisters from

the same glass.

they have the same aspirations,

the same hopes and the same


>> some british news papers

report kate could even spend

these first few weeks with the

baby at her family's new home in

the quaint village of

bucklebury, decamping to the

country to raise this child

would be quite a break from

royal tradition.

>> that's highly unusual.

it's unique in actual fact.

>> what does that tell you?

>> it tells me that the

middletons really are entrenched

inside the royal family .

and they're seen as a very

capable and safe pair of hands.

and that the queen, prince

charles and the rest of them all

think that the middletons are

pretty good eggs.

>> and probably a good way to

shelter that child in those

first couple of weeks as well.

>> well, yes, and also to

shelter kathryn.

that's the key.

carol middleton probably was of

an age when she read my book on

diana , and she read all the

missteps that were taken by the

palace and the difficulties that

charles faced and diana faced

with charles .

and she must feel, i'm not going

to let that happen to my


i'm going to protect my


>> and now with their new child,

her daughter and prince william

are preparing to lead this royal

family into the future.