Dateline   |  July 22, 2013

'The Little Prince,' Part 6

A chat with William and Kate’s friend Ben Fogle. What will this new baby mean for the future of the British monarchy?

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>> tonight, prince william gave a statement to reporters saying he and kate 'could not be happier' with their baby boy . he'll be staying at st. mary's hospital over night with his wife.....

>> he and kate are now the torch bearers for a new era of change in the house of windsor....

>> they're blossoming now, and they're-- they're coming into their roles. it's-- it's the beginning of-- of their new royal lives.

>> i don't think that you could design a better princess or ambassador for brand u.k. and for the royal family than this middle class girl from berkshire, kate middleton , who now looks like the combination of a royal princess and a hollywood superstar.

>> even though it could be years

until william succeeds his

father as king --

>> are you seeing a passing of

the torch?

is this sort of the next

generation now?


>> does feel like the sun is

beginning to set.

i think the queen probably does

need to step back a little bit.

and we also have these bright

young faces, william , kate and

harry all ready to do their


we've already seen that with

royal tours in the far east from

william and kate and from harry

out in the united states .

>> 20 years ago, the british

monarchy's popularity was at an

all-time low as prince charles

and diana had separated.

and windsor castle went up in


it seems like the house of

windsor might have to close up


that's all a distant memory now.

>> the queen has never been so


and really it's fascinating that

william and kathryn are the most

popular royal couple and kathryn

is one of the most influential

women in the world.

>> the future couldn't be

brighter for a baby born to this


>> the baby's going to enter a

monarchy which is very secure.

very popular.

probably more popular than it's

been for 100 years.

and very slim pickings for

tabloid journalists these days.

>> the new baby is new hope. >> the new baby is -- and a

bright future . and it 's wonderful .

it's absolutely wonderful.

>> and joining me now is nbc

news special correspondent ben


i understand you were actually

in the hospital in the lindo

wing for your own personal

reasons. tell me about that.

>> i got the call this morning

not about the duchess of

cambridge going into labor but

my sister who lives next door.

i was the designated driver.

i volunteered to drive her and

her partner here.

what's amazing is you have this

kind of sea of tranquility as

soon as you go inside the


it's chaos outside as you've

seen today.

but there is a aura of

normality. life goes on.

it's a work hospital.

there's heightened security

obviously and lots of police

around the hospital especially

around the birthing area.

>> were you able to see add

security around the area where

kate was delivering the child?

>> there was definitely a lot of

extra security.

and now i have to show all of my

paperwork and i should get my

sister to point out that i was

her brother.

but what is amazing is there was

a normality in there if you call

childbirth normal.

it's a tough time for the best

of times.

but when you have the world's

eyes on you.

but i think she really was able

to have an element of normality.

>> there have been celebrations

already all over the country.

what is the significance of this

new baby boy ?

>> listen, britain has a smile

on its face.

every time the thunder and

lightning claps behind us the

crowds start roaring.

it's a very different sort of


the royal family really evokes a

lot of emotions in the british people .

and it's preserved a huge smile

on everyone's faces.

late at night and everyone still

up celebrating.

unheard of in great britain.

>> finally i should ask about

the name.

everybody waiting and wanting to

know how soon before we note

name of this future heir of the throne?

>> we have no idea really.

we waited for awhile until

william 's name was announced by their parents.

>> about a week.

>> like they kept the birth to

themselves for a couple of

hours, might be nice for them to

keep the name for themselves.

it's much harder in this day and

age because they'll want to tell

their friends and family.

some things are harder to keep

secret. you never know.

they may keep us waiting.

>> i'm sure we'll find out soon


ben fogel, congratulations to

your sister as well.

that's all from buckingham


i'm natalie morales .

thanks for joining us tonight.

i'll have much more on "the

today show " on the royal baby


have a good night.