Dateline   |  July 23, 2013

'The Little Prince,' Part 1

The Royal Stork has arrived at the House of Windsor. Prince William and Kate have welcomed a baby boy into this world.

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>> the royal stork has arrived

at the house of windsor.

yes, that bump we've been

watching for months is now a


prince william and kate welcome

their new little one into the


>> as we finally got the answer we've all been waiting for.

>> it's a boy! [ cheers and applause ]

>> the royal highness , prince of


>> the whole nation is


>> now it's time for england to

celebrate the birth of this very

special boy. third in line to the british


it's all, of course, been nine

months in the making.

we last saw the new royal mom in

public just over a month ago.

kate christened a princess.

a princess cruise ship , that is.

and appeared with her husband in

the elaborate trooping the

colors ceremony for the queen's


it marked the end of her public

duties as she began her official

royal maternity leave.

that's when the baby waiting

game really began as the media

camped outside st. mary's

hospital in london at the lindo

wing here, the same spot where

william was born 31 years ago.

but as we waited, day after day , nothing.

>> the duchess of cambridge 's

reported due date has come and gone.

>> those on the baby beat

searched for any tell-tale

signs, staking out kate 's

parents' house for clues,

checking the expectant dad's

polo schedule, and looking for

creative ways to pass the time.

the world was growing impatient

for this special delivery .

from stephen colbert .

>> i mean kate the great is three days late.

i just can't wait for her to


>> to perhaps even the queen


>> then suddenly at 6:00 a.m .

london time this morning,

twitter exploded with the news.

confirmed with an official tweet

from the palace.

>> the duchess of cambridge is in labor.

>> all the anticipation of the

last nine months reached a fever

pitch as crowds swarmed

buckingham palace .

and reporters tracked down the

expectant grandfather.

finally, after nearly 14 hours

of suspense, this afternoon

kensington palace released the


kate had given birth to a baby

boy, 8 pounds 6 ounces.

at 4:24 p.m . london time.

inaugurating a new tradition,

ceremony to inaugurate the

official announcement.

a military orderly delivered it

by car with a police escort for

the two-mile trip to buckingham palace .

kind of a slow royal car chase .

then just as it had been for

william and harry's births,

aides placed the announcement on

the traditional easel outside.

it concluded with the note "the

royal highness and her child are

both doing well" we still don't

know his name, but that should

come in the next few days.

top betting has been on george.

new grandpa prince charles released a statement saying he

and camilla are overjoyed at the

arrival of his first grandchild.

and a palace spokesman said the

queen was delighted with today's


it all marks the beginning of a

new era for this monarchy.

and now all eyes turn to william

and kate , no longer the dashing

newlyweds but parents of the future king.

>> they're a very down to earth


>> dan fogel is a special

correspondent for nbc news and a

friend of william and kate .

>> they're connecting to a

younger generation, i think.

they're appealing to a different


they're more open-minded.

they're more liberal with their

approach to life and duties.

>> fogel says william and kate

will be blazing their own trails

as modern royal parents

following their peers, not the


>> what kind of parents do you

think the duke and duchess will

be? >> william will certainly be a

very hands-on father.

it's not just the mother's role

to bring up the children and the

father goes off to work for

hours on end.

it's a dual role .

i change the nappies.

i have no doubt william will

kind of get mucky in every sense

of the word and be a very

hands-on father.

and they'll be very hands-on



>> and tonight as this royal mod

tern family brings baby onboard ,

you'll learn much more about the

couple's future plans as a

family. >> he definitely wants at least

two children.

kate being one of three it's

only natural she'll want more

than an only child.

>> and see rare images of those

earlier royal children, william

and harry, making music.

and making mischief.

>> will william take parenting

cues from his own mother, diana?

>> she was number one or chief

chick as she used to call


and everybody else just had to

kind of waddle around.

>> who will be chief royal


will it be aunt pippa or uncle

harry? >> i'm not sure whether he'll

enjoy the babysitting or not but

i'll sure he'll volunteer


>> could kate the commoner butt

heads with royal tradition?

>> she's her only woman.

she very much puts her foot down

when it comes to what she wants.

>> what will this little baby

mean for the future of this

monarchy? >> this baby will be making


>> if you think that kate is

descended from coal miners and

working class people, this

really is a modern monarchy in

the making.

>> but as we watch the emotional

events of this day in the same

spot william was born, it's

impossible not to think of his


this new baby will grow up in a

new kind of royal household ,

much of it thanks to diana.