Dateline   |  July 26, 2013

'Mystery at Ascot Estates,' Part 2

Brett Parker tells police  his wife Tammy was killed by his close friend during a robbery attempt and that he killed Bryan in self-defense.

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>>> this bucolic southern town suddenly the scene of a deadly crime.

>> get somebody over here.

>> i need you to stay on the phone with me, okay?

>> home security video shows brett parker calling 911 outside his house collapsing on the ground as he describes what happened. a violent robbery that left his wife dead.

>> listen to me, i understand you are very upset but is your wife, is she breathing?

>> no.

>> and there was more to the story. brett had killed the perpetrator in self-defense.

>> i shot him. i think i killed him.

>> veteran investigator stan smith headed to the scene. what was your first interaction with brett parker.

>> he was sort of heavy breathing at one point in time he lays down on his back as if he's going to suffer almost pain.

>> inside stan smith walked into a gruesome scene. the body was lying in the bathroom and bryan capnerhurst was dead in an al cove not far from the safe where the money was kept.

>> seated at the desk in this office area and the shooter shot her from the back. half of her torso inside the bathroom and half her legs out in the office so she tried to flee. as far as bryan capnerhurst. he was found slumped over on his right side. he was shot multiple times in the face, in the chest, in the arm, in the side, in the legs, in the foot.

>> the investigators were surprised when brett told them bryan capnerhurst, the man he had shot was a family friend and frequent visitor to the house. in fact, brett said he was in the bathroom when bryan arrived for a meeting and he told him to just go upstairs and wait. suddenly brett heard shots.

>> he ran upstairs and was greeted at the top of the stairs by bryan capnerhurst holding a gun on him and ordering him to the safe in an alcove area in the attic. he saw his wife's legs and surmised that she had been shot. he was taken to this alp cove area and on the way he realized or recall that he had a gun hidden on the safe there in that area. and he said he made a decision as he knelt at gunpoint to grab the gun and try to get to capnerhurst before capnerhurst shot him basically.

>> so he turned around and caught bryan off guard.

>> that's the way he explained it.

>> by shooting him. he ran and checked on his wife and realized that she was dead or dying and then he went and called 911.

>> police recovered two guns from the scene. brett 's 410 revolver, the gun he kept on his safe and used to shoot bryan . in bryan 's hand police found a 9 millimeter pistol used to kill tammy . near bryan 's body was his open gym bag with ammo and empty magazine clip clearly visible on top. to investigators it looked like brett parker had fought for his life, shot a man in self-defense and had just lost his beautiful wife. the big question was why? why would such a good friend turn on them?

>> one of the first questions i asked him what was his relationship that this man -- he said, you know, can i talk to you in private and that's when he told me --

>> he worked as a full time medical salesman but on the side he had been a sports bookie for years. did it concern you?

>> every small town has a bookie . that's something i didn't even think about.

>> and brett was not the soprano's break your legs-style bookie .

>> was brent a gentle bookie .

>> oh, very, very, everybody says that he delivered his money, brett was good. he was a good bookie .

>> brett also told investigators that bryan capnerhurst, the man he had just shot and killed was in the bookie business too. as a matter of fact, he worked for brett . bryan was also an unlikely bookie . a former high school athlete, he was a family man who worked for a county recreation commission and coached kids' sports teams. tammy had spoken kindly of him.

>> i think she thought he was a guise guy. she must have shout a lot because he was in her home with her children.

>> and he trusted her.

>> yeah, tammy had always looked out for him. getting an extra lunch for him, taking care of him.

>> but investigators found out there had been a problem in that bookie business and it all boiled down to money. brett owed bryan a good chunk of the profits, $20,000 and he'd been slow to pay up.

>> bryan was going to go over there basically and tell, brett , look, i've had enough excuse, i want my money.

>> smith learned that bryan capnerhurst had money problems, so it looked like he went to the parkers to demand money he was owed and take whatever else was in the safe. tammy had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

>> what do you miss most about tammy ?

>> her laugh, just her being. she'd always call. she always made sure we had our girls' nights out. we haven't done that since she was killed.

>> it was all so sad. the parkers with their children, 5 and 13, had just returned from a family cruise, tan and smiling. a relative on that cruise told her aunt it had been by wonderful trip.

>> she said that was the happiest that she had seen brett and tammy .

>> and now brett 's friend saw a man in pain after losing his wife.

>> he just breaks down crying and he would cry all the time.

>> as for shooting bryan howdy believe his friend did what he had to do.

>> he had no choice. it was either, you know, him or bryan and that's the way he told us over and over , you know.

>> to those grieving for tammy , it seemed that at least there had been some terrible justice for bryan .

>> people that loved tammy so much, you know, you couldn't help but feel that he maybe -- maybe people thought he got what he deserved.

>> investigators told reporters the tragic deaths were the result of a robbery gone bad. it seemed like a cut-and-dried case, but things aren't always what they seem.