Dateline   |  August 02, 2013

'Mystery in Mustang,' Part 1

Keith Bryan, a beloved fire chief who didn't seem to have an enemy in the world, is shot in his own home in front of his wife Becky.

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>> just about 20 miles southwest of downtown oklahoma city , a town called mustang . once farmers and ranchers dotted the land. it's bigger now, but folks still hold tight to their roots.

>> a pretty quiet community for the most part.

>> faith connects community here and people stay lifelong friends.

>> it is a small town feel, very much neighbors helping neighbors.

>> in a place like mustang neighbors know almost all there is to know about each other, for better or worse. so when the unthinkable happened.

>> my husband is laying here gasping for air.

>> it would be all the more startling when the secrets came tumbling out.

>> i heard a lot of things that shocked me that i never would have imagined.

>> had evil invaded mustang ?

>> i am in mustang , america, who would [bleep] do that.

>> or come from within.

>> it created a lot of fear for a lot of people.

>> that was my first real who done it. keith bryan was oklahoman to the core, proudly raised in the sooner state . he married his wife at 19 and they settled in mustang . pam woodard, an old friend, welcomed out the mat for the bryan when they came to town.

>> became an integral part of church, very active, grounded, very helpful.

>> had two boys, trent and kent.

>> becky was a good mom from what i could tell. she was a good mom.

>> keith worked as a fireman, his dream job in the well to do oklahoma enclave of nichols hills . jerry hamilton served alongside keith , and the firemen were like brothers, the wives like sisters, says harry's wife kim.

>> with the fire department , it is all families together.

>> keith had a good sense of humor. outgoing. and he was really driven to succeed.

>> and he did. promoted all the way to fire chief in 1991 . but keith never lost his personal connection with the people he served.

>> he was one of the first responders in the oklahoma city bombing .

>> his bravery made headlines.

>> he worked on that lady that was trapped forever underneath the rubble. keith wouldn't leave her.

>> was he a hero in your eyes?

>> oh, i think so. i was pretty proud of him as a friend for that.

>> as for becky , she was a force in the community, too, working in real estate , her business often seemed more about the people than the money.

>> becky had a very selfless side to her, too. there were people that i know of, if they were upside down, she even at times was known to take her own money to closing and help like that.

>> keith was elected city councilman in mustang . becky 's business was thriving, and their marriage an example to others.

>> she and keith did some premarital counseling for several years in our church.

>> they were counseling other couples how to --

>> they were counseling other couples how to have a good marriage.

>> so it came as a surprise when in 2010 keith and becky hit a rough patch. the boys were grown and the empty nesters separated. becky moved out. david reddick remained close to keith in the separation.

>> he wanted to know how he could change to show that love to her in a greater way.

>> what advice did you give keith ?

>> i told him to talk to her about it, that she was sensible.

>> keith worked hard to win becky back with gifts, dates, and loving notes. becky came home.

>> he was telling some people that what all he had been through was worth it because it had made him even that much better of a husband.

>> in the year that followed, keith kept up his campaign of romance. september 20th , 2011 was no different. becky was at a real estate conference in tulsa. keith texted her sweet messages throughout the day. becky arrived home around 8:30 p.m . a friend came over to chat. keith , now ever attentive, made them iced tea . after the friend left, becky says she and keith settled down in front of the tv. on the bill that night, keith 's choice. a classic scary movie, "carrie." then came the real horror.

>> 911, state your emergency.

>> it was becky .

>> a young man about 25.

>> then the phone cut out. what was she saying? dispatchers sent police to the house.

>> headquarters to --

>> becky called back.

>> i just called 911 on my cell phone . are you coming to my house? she said an intruder shot keith in the head.

>> my husband is laying here bleeding.

>> and the intruder was getting away.

>> oh, my god, he is in a little itty bitty pickup.

>> now the fire chief was in urgent need of help himself.

>> i got to go.

>> stay on the phone.

>> they sped to the bryan house but the questions came just as fast, who was this shooter, this intruder on the loose, and could he be found? an unfamiliar feeling spread through mustang streets and