Dateline   |  August 02, 2013

'Mystery in Mustang' Part 4

Becky’s behavior after the shooting seems unusual to friends.  Evidence found at the scene points investigators away from the theory of an homicidal intruder.

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>>> in the tight knit community of mustang folks who knew each other so well for so long began to swap stories, memories of their friend keith , the hero, the dad, the loyal husband and friend. but also stories about his wife and the night keith was killed. janna hickman who rushed to the bryans' home was there with her and heard her say this after the crime.

>> i heard her say something about it would be hard to sell the house because he died in the house.

>> did that sound callous to you.

>> being a realtor, i could see her thinking about that. it was a little odd i thought.

>> at the hospital, some friends noticed that becky was agitated one minute, eerily calm the next.

>> she wasn't emotional, she was pretty calm, talking to different people.

>> whenever we met her, she was very calm.

>> too calm?

>> i anticipated her needing comfort and i went to hug her and she just kind of held her arms down straight and didn't seem to need that type of consoling.

>> and instead of sticking close to keith 's bedside in his last hours, they thought it was strange becky was outside.

>> sitting with her legs crossed on the bench, out with her friends, smoking, just very casual. it was just completely bizarre.

>> becky 's brother david says he knows his sister best and what the friends saw was just becky 's way of coping.

>> in your eyes was becky acting exactly the way a wife would act after a random senseless shooting?

>> becky would act like she would act if someone shot her husband and she was there. she was panicking, didn't know what to do. she was doing anything to get control of her emotions. our upbringing was control your emotions.

>> was becky known for saying inappropriate things?

>> stupid. yeah. i mean, becky wanted to control, she did not want to cry. she didn't want to be out of control for herself.

>> her friends aren't the only ones that found her behavior unusual. after telling police how much she loved keith , she had this to say about her fatally injured husband.

>> i bought a condo, moved out, and he -- he is a [bleep] for 31 years.

>> she described keith to us in what i thought was an inappropriate manner.

>> as a matter of routine, they already tested becky 's hands at the crime scene for gunshot residue.

>> they asked her what she was wearing.

>> you were wearing the shirt and panties?

>> a tube top and panties she had on under new clothes and that, says the detective, is when the interview took a revealing turn.

>> no no no no, don't take it off.

>> i'm going to put my shirt on.

>> okay. clarify, wait until we finish.

>> she grabbed the bottom of the top she was wearing, pulled it over her head, exposing her breasts and then she tossed her top to me.

>> was she wearing a bra?

>> no.

>> you didn't even ask her for the top. she just whipped it off?

>> that's right.

>> so what are you thinking when she --

>> shocked.

>> to investigators, becky 's behavior was more than odd, it was suspicious.

>> you walked into the interview still giving becky the benefit of the doubt .

>> absolutely.

>> and you walked out of the interview thinking there's a possibility she's going to become an official suspect.

>> at that time there was definitely a possibility, yes.

>> when the interview ended, detective mcneil and the other investigator went back to the house and that's where he made a key discovery in the utility room in the clothes dryer , a gun.

>> that must have been kind of a bingo moment.

>> that was a big moment for all of us because not only was the gun in the driver but the gun was wrapped in a blanket, a shell casing was in there as well, and also a glove.

>> did you immediately think about the logistics of becky 's story as far as where this man came in, where he exited?

>> she had told us that he came into the home, shot keith , and walked directly back out the same way that he had come in. she made no mention of this man going into her laundry room , placing anything in the dryer.

>> could there have been any explanation for why the gun was found in the dryer, different route than the route she described?

>> if there was i didn't know what that was.

>> investigators now suspected becky of lying about details, big and small. but they wanted more. as they analyzed evidence from the scene, a call came in from someone in becky 's phone contacts nicknamed becky 's prodigy. in fact, they noticed the unusual name when they looked at her phone the night of the shooting.

>> becky lives in hugo, oklahoma.

>> she's a customer.

>> yes, she's a realtor broker.

>> actually, becky 's prodigy was a man named mark holbrook, and when he learned of keith 's murder, he called up investigators. he wanted them to know he and becky had had an affair. when it ended 19 months before the shooting, he apologized to keith and promised never to see becky again, but he wanted cops to know she had been in touch with him recently and a lot.

>> she still loved him and that she would be moving so she could be near him, whether he wanted to be with her or not.

>> the affair had been a reason behind becky and keith 's brief split. now investigators and the ex-lover hatched a plan. record a conversation between becky and her so-called prodigy, maybe becky would give something up to him. three days after keith was shot, becky 's ex dialed her up.

>> becky , how are you doing?

>> thank you for calling me.

>> becky seemed concerned about covering up the affair.

>> if you could say you knew a broker by that name that you went to school with and that's it.

>> she stuck to the story about the intruder that shot keith , she had news about him.

>> guy that killed keith killed himself yesterday, we're no longer in danger.

>> well, that's good, that's good news.

>> i know. i really think it is good.

>> we didn't have any information like that, law enforcement had not given her any information like that.

>> the call rang all kinds of alarm bells for investigators, but didn't yield a lot in the way of hard evidence . but cops thought they had the goods on becky in another way. by now, they had examined that weapon found in the dryer and concluded it belonged to becky . on september 23rd , the day before keith 's funeral, becky was arrested and charged with his murder.

>> what was her reaction?

>> she seemed shocked. she was yelling things at us.

>> an open and shut case? becky 's brother said far from it.

>> law enforcement here let us all down because what i want is the truth.

>> in court, evidence would be examined and the truth would turn out to be more