Dateline   |  August 02, 2013

'Mystery in Mustang' Part 5

The murder trial of Becky Bryan begins, with a mix of forensics and a lot of Becky’s secrets.

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>>> becky bryan , the ones well liked wife of fire chief and city councilman keith bryan , stood accused of a vicious crime. her tight circle of friends drifted away, but not everyone in town believed she was a killer.

>> i don't believe that becky bryan shot keith bryan .

>> gary james is a friend of the bryans and prominent defense attorney . he says the case against his client becky doesn't add up.

>> you believe an innocent woman is sitting behind bars?

>> sure, sure. she had a lot of bad circumstances, but i do believe somebody shot keith and ran from that house.

>> her attorney says there was a rush to judgment against becky and as a result the state just didn't have the proof to back up the charge.

>> i do believe that law enforcement agencies in this day and age have the ability to do a lot of things that were not done in this case. i don't believe they ever looked for anyone, which was a huge part of our defense.

>> he is in a little itty bitty pickup going down my street.

>> you know becky probably better than anyone else . when you listen to that 911 call, you believe becky is being truthful in.

>> yeah, i really do, and it is because she was a very detailed person. she is not being panicky, she's trying to describe, she's trying to think through the process, she's very analytical.

>> half the town that prayed for keith when he was shot came to court.

>> been a tough year and a half. very tough.

>> no cameras were allowed inside the courtroom. as the prosecution came armed with a simple, powerful narrative, becky bryan wanted out of her marriage, so she shot her husband and invented the tale of an intruder.

>> shot my husband in the head.

>> the case against becky began with a slew of secrets from her personal life . they called to court two men who received explicit texts and pictures from becky days before the shooting. and this man, a former client of becky 's, came to the stand and testified they had sex the day of the crime. pam woodard says becky told her about it the day of the shooting.

>> she openly told me, i had sex with a 29-year-old client this morning, and i have a picture of his private area on my phone. that's not the word she used. and she said and i feel kind of bad because when i got home, keith had made me a tea. and --

>> alarm bells going off?

>> it was the oddest conversation.

>> but pam and some of becky 's other girlfriends weren't brought to court just to talk about that.

>> what was the purpose of you taking the stand and what was that experience like?

>> i did not want to take the stand. i was made to take the stand. i was subpoenaed by the prosecution.

>> the prosecution wanted pam to testify about becky 's obsession with her ex-lover, mark holbrook, aka becky 's prodigy. becky confided her feelings for him months earlier, when becky and keith appeared to be happier than ever.

>> i said becky , you and keith seem to be really committed to making this work and she said to me oh, i'm a great faker. once i made my mind up about something, i'm a great faker. and my heart just kind of sank.

>> the prosecution argued this was becky 's motive for murder. she was fixated on her ex-lover and elaborately scheming to get him back.

>> she proceeded to tell me she was going to tell the ex-lover she was pregnant.

>> so she's saying she's pregnant with his baby.

>> i said becky , you're 50 plus years old.

>> she said 50-year-old people get pregnant all the time. i said who, where? how does this happen? i never heard of that. her reasoning had just kind of gone out the window at that point.

>> how far had she gone with the baby story?

>> she wanted somebody that could provide her with positive pregnancy tests. she wanted to have a birth announcement printed up.

>> birth announcement?

>> birth announcement.

>> had a name picked out?

>> she had a name picked out.

>> mark, that object of becky 's obsession also testified, adding this potentially incriminating detail. he said on the day keith was shot becky left him a voice mail, saying she planned to buy a house near him because she was about to inherit some money. to many in court, the implication was that becky had been expecting a life insurance payout. becky and keith 's grown sons kept their feelings about their mother's guilt or innocence to themselves, but both testified briefly for the prosecution, as did a parade of investigators and fforensics experts. there was gunshot rest due detected on becky 's hand. in the driver with the gun that belonged to becky , a blanket with holes in it, a shell casing and a glove. forensic biologist testified the glove had becky 's dna on it.

>> i tried to be as open minded as i could, wait and hear all the evidence, but as it went on, i was convinced she was guilty.

>> the state argued it was premeditated murder by a woman who had been living a double life . becky 's brother and chief supporter wasn't buying it.

>> do you feel the evidence was overwhelming against becky ?

>> if you want to convict her of being a slut, a greedy slut, yeah. not a murderer.